Friday, 11 January 2013

DIY Camo Clutch

Camo Print has been huge this Autumn/Winter and when I came across this stiff camouflage material in my local fabric shop I knew I wanted to make something with it. I managed to pick up about 4 meters for under £5 - which will make quite a few bags! It's really easy to make - it's basically like sewing a giant pencil case, and you can use it for such things if you desire. Or it can be used to hold makeup or as a slouchy oversized clutch bag similar to those found in American Apparel. I actually made my friend Alison one for Christmas and I've been dying to put the tutorial up on here!

Camouflage Fabric 
Matching Zip
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Machine

Start by cutting your fabric to the required size. I compared my fabric with a clutch bag I already had and made it slightly bigger at 12 inches. Your bag needs to be about 1 inch shorter than your zip. This is so the end of the zip can be tucked neatly inside the bag for a clean finish. Remember to leave yourself with seam allowance too! 

Next you need to lay your zip along the top edge - this will become your opening. You need to pin the zip correctly but trial and error will solve any problems you're having. Just copy the image above. (The zip is upside down laid on to the camo side of the fabric.)
In sewing the 'right' side refers to the side you want to see. So in this case, we want to see the camo print!

Once you have pinned your zipper all along one side you can un-do the zip and pin the opposite side to the other edge of the fabric just like before. When both sides of the zip are pinned in place you should be able to close the zip and see the bag forming. 

The next bit is easy - just use your machine to sew where the pins are. And you have just attached a zip!

With the zip firmly in place you can now sew up the sides of your bag. Turn the bag inside out. Pin the edges together. Then sew these up. Easy.

When you are done you can turn the bag right side out again to reveal clean edges. Tuck away the end of your zip into the bag. And it's done!

You can fold the bag over and carry it like a long thin clutch or leave it big and slouchy! You can see all the details and more pictures of what I'm wearing in my outfit post here. This bag is going to be perfect for Manchester Fashion Week in April and I can guarantee no one will have one quite the same.
I love to receive your emails and pictures so do let me know if you give this DIY project a go!




  1. Amazing idea!
    Katie xx

  2. really cute DIY love it!

  3. This is genius, wish i was this creative.

  4. Amazing. I wish I was as creative as you! I wish I had a sewing machine as well! You could also sew a popper on it or one of those magnetic thingies so if you fold it over you can fasten it :) great idea x

  5. I always love your DIY's as they are never really complicated and so easy to recreate!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

  6. Awesome tutorial! You have made it look so easy :)

    Living In Your Imagination

  7. COOL! must try it with vintage pattern!

    thanks for DIY!!


  8. this is one of the best DIY's ive seen!

  9. I have to do this, got some green and black glass beads I could use to decorate it aswell...well done

  10. I've got camo fabric from years ago.. I think I'm going to try this out xx
    Love your tutorials <3

  11. I wish I had an ounce of DIY skill because this looks gorgeous! Time to get the sewing machine out for some practice I think. xo

  12. what an elegant a nd superb idea. . same idea will be best when used with black denim fabric to sew a Black Evening Bag


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