Friday, 14 December 2012

Vivienne Westwood Late Night Shopping

So you guys may have heard that I am now an official blogger for Manchester Fashion Week. This means I will be bringing you at least one fashion filled blog post per week with all the important news leading up to Manchester Fashion Week (which begins at the end of April 2013)

Last night I popped along with a friend to a Late Night Shopping Event at Vivienne Westwood in Manchester. The event was mainly to preview the new SS13 pre-collection and also to enjoy 20% off AW lines. I tried on a few items, an impressively large coat which felt like I was being cuddled by a picnic blanket and I spotted some beautiful new handbags and the classic jewelry bits and pieces. I've actually never been inside the Manchester Vivienne Westwood store before but it's a beautiful building and so nicely decorated.

All the classic Westwood items were there, tartan, union jacks, platform shoes and not to mention the amount of ruffles and pleats in hugely oversized garments. But I was surprised to see a few deep sea coral inspired prints, fresh delicate floral printed shirts and an amazing illustrated animal satchel! I had a quick spritz of the new Cheeky Alice fragrance and it's really lovely, although I think Naughty Alice is still my favourite VW perfume.

The staff were so friendly and helpful in dressing me up in VW attire and letting me parade around a bit. Unfortunately I think her clothes and accessories will have to stay on my wishlist. I'm lusting after a tartan bag so much. When researching a bit about the British fashion designer it intrigued me that Vivienne Westwood does not watch TV  read newspapers or magazines. It makes me think what wonderful imagination she must have and where does she get her inspiration from. I wonder what she thinks of the blogging world of today!




  1. Congratulations to be on the manchester fashion week <3

  2. I love vivienne westwood bags so much, one day I will own one!

  3. VW rocks! I have a couple of bags which are SO treasured and were gifts. Imagine how exciting it would have been being around when she was on the punk scene back in the 70's. Just LOVE her and she still looks awesome to this day. x

  4. Vivienne Westwood bags are the best! They'll have to stay on my wishlist for now though. Looks like you had a great time! xo

  5. I have a bracelet and I think it's the closest I'll ever get!

  6. the printed satchels are amazing! x


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