Thursday, 20 December 2012

Nylon Journal

The lovely people at Nylon Journal contacted me and asked if I'd like an item from their website. I had a quick look and was so impressed by the photography and products they had. Plus the name, Nylon Journal is pretty cool. They sell hundreds of different styles of socks, tights, and leg warmers. It was so difficult to pick a pair but I spotted these sporty knit thigh highs and for some reason I've actually always wanted a pair! I'll just wear them around the house, as pyjamas or slouch wear - unless I start playing hockey or football anytime soon...

The socks themselves are really comfortable yet a strong and good quality material. They stay UP without digging into my legs. You of course don't have to wear them over the knee, I'll probably scrunch them down too. They also come in pale pink and baby blue with white stripes.
There are so many styles to choose from on Nylon Journal including a wide range of tights. The leg warmers look perfect for the gym or fitness classes (if I went that is.) They're an American company but delivery was so quick, around 10-12 days.

I love finding new online stores that sell unique and fun products. The prices are really reasonable too these socks are just $10 and a tights range from $5 to $12. It's not often I'll feature a pair of socks on my blog but I had to make an exception for these!




  1. These are cute, love your photos of them :) x

  2. That's SO exciting! I love those socks, really cute xo

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  4. These look really cute! They'd look great with boots! xo


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