Monday, 24 December 2012

My Everyday Hair Routine

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I've been working on something rather special, my FIRST EVER video! Yikes. If you follow me on Twitter you would have heard me talk about editing this hair routine tutorial but basically ghd sent me some lovely products from their Style and Protect Gift Set and asked me to use them in order to show you guys my everyday 'typical' hair style from wet to dry. I usually just wear my hair in loose waves created with a conical wand and the style tends to last me for a couple of days. Simple!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial, it's so easy. Please be kind I am not used to making videos so hopefully this will be informative and of some use to someone! I was so impressed with the ghd products in this gift set but that's to be expected of ghd they make fantastic hair products. They have a new section of their website which aims to inspire and is full of useful tutorials and high quality images of celebrity hair styles. I'll be popping back here when I'm next looking for a photo to take into the hairdressers! Visit ghd.

See my very new YouTube channel. I'm hoping to make more videos in the future so let me know if you like this format and what sort of clips you might be interested in seeing. More fashion related vids may be on the cards!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas - if you pop back here tomorrow I will have a little Christmas message for you (like the Queen...)




  1. aw Gwen, i fallin love with you~ *screaming like a fanatic fans*

  2. awesome video :) you did really well for your first one I think! :)
    ghd stuff looks great too, definitely want some of that shine spray x

  3. your hair looks perfect!

    from helen at @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway here to win £50 to spend on barratts shoes!

  4. The GHD paddle brush is amazing, I'd love that gift set...I wonder if it is too late to ask Santa... :o/ lovely video and blog, happy christmas xx

  5. Looking good.

  6. Aww loving the video! I have a similar curling wand by Babyliss so it's nice to see some ways on how to use it! xo

  7. where are the necklaces you are wearing from? i adore them!

  8. Only just seen this, and i absolutely love it! You have such gorgeous hair. Ive been trying my curlers out more recently so will try this :) x


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