Sunday, 9 December 2012

Instagram Sunday #9

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I didn't upload a Instagram Sunday last week as I didn't have too many photos to show. This is probably the reason why I have so many images this Sunday! Looking back I can't really remember how I fit so much in to two weeks. I'm feeling much more Christmassy this week after my visit to the markets, my peppermint mocha and starting my advent calendar. I've also had a few more low lights put through my hair which always makes me feel ready for Winter. 

I went along to the Sophia D Couture show on Sunday night (and you can read all about that here) on behalf of Manchester Fashion Week. I am now an official MCRFW blogger and I can confirm I will be attending Manchester Fashion Week in April/May which is so exciting! I can't wait to let you guys know what I get up too. Is anyone planning on coming along? 

I got my new laptop last weekend - it's an Acer V3 with the new Windows 8 and I love it. Windows 8 is a little difficult to work with at first but I'm coming around to it. It's so much faster too, I used to have to turn my old netbook on half an hour before I wanted to use it, just so it could warm up. I'm also working on a full size screen again so no more plugging it into a monitor. Yey!

On another of our photographic journeys myself and Mimi found an amazing vintage photo booth in Fred Aldous on the Northern Quarter, and for £3-4 you can get a strip of images taken and printed. Now I know it's there I will be dragging everyone in with me whenever I am passing by. I also discovered Teacup on Thomas Street which is where we took Amy for her birthday. It's a cafe/restaurant and the have a whole menu just for different types of tea! I had Assam and a scone with jam and cream.
Uni is going well, we are currently designing our own websites and hopefully my brother (who is a web designer) will have time to program mine for me and I should have a brand spanking new place to put all my photography next year.

Links are above to any of my blog posts from this week. Hope you're all well and enjoy the lead up to Christmas. As always you can follow my instagram @thisfashionismine or keep up with me on Twitter @ThisFashionTwit




  1. So many pretty things here! Love the fox slippers and your amazingly cosy looking pjs! xo

  2. i love instagram in december, everyones feed gets so cosy and christmassy, it gets me in such a festive mood :)
    cats, starbucks, cosy jumpers, socks, and deep colours are the best!

  3. How go you get your instagram pictures in a grid like that?
    I love all you Christmasy pictures.


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