Monday, 17 December 2012

Fashion Glasses

The trend for wearing glasses even when you don't actually need to is growing. 'Geek glasses' or 'hipster glasses' as they are often referred to are popping up everywhere and being sold with clear plastic lenses so even those of us who aren't challenged in the vision department can wear them! 

I don't need glasses so when the lovely people are Firmoo contacted me and asked if I'd like to try a pair of their glasses (with or without prescription) and after a browse on their website I decided the offer would be better received from someone who would benefit from a new pair of bins. So I let my big sister, who does actually wear glasses for TV and distance, choose a pair for herself with her own prescription. 

These are the one's she picked out in 'brown with amber strips' and after trying them on and messing about taking a hundred photos of myself, I really like them! I'm debating whether or not to get some for myself with clear lenses. have such a huge selection of frames for Men and Women. I showed my Mum the website and she was impressed with the prices and fancied a pair for herself. Taking advantage of the 'first pair free for new customers' she only had to pay shipping costs! Which works out roughly at £10 as Firmoo are based outside of the UK. They also arrived within one week of her ordering them and she's really pleased with the quality and accurate prescription. 

The idea of choosing glasses online might be daunting as you can't physically try them on- but with Firmoo you can upload a photo and try the glasses on virtually. This really helps to see how the frames would look on your face. When they arrived they came with a hard case, a soft case, a cleaning cloth and some spare mini screws and screwdriver in case you ever need to fix your glasses or tighten them up. 

I never thought I'd be one to wear a pair of glasses as just a fashion accessory but after trying on Meghann's I'm tempted to go back to Firmoo and pick some for me!




  1. My real glasses are geek glasses... I even have a granny chain so I don't lose them? xo

  2. Beautiful , they suit you perfectly xx

  3. I have some Firmoo glasses too and I love them! They're a great company! xo

  4. Oh, Gwen! I love those photos ♥

  5. you're gorgeous and those glasses are so cool <3

  6. Sooo unglaublich süß siehst du aus!!
    Tolle Collage!! <3

    Liebste Grüße

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    I follow you, you follow me too?????

  8. Simple beautiful


  9. I need a new pair of glasses and I love these because they're big but the frame isn't too thick and heavy! They really suit you as well!

  10. Gwen!
    I couldn't help but notice your shirt-- WASHINGTON NATIONALS! Hope you come visit again!



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