Friday, 7 December 2012

DIY Button Embellished Tee

I love popping into craft shops and fabric stores. I sometimes have to draw myself away from cute little things that I don't need and will never use - but once in a while I get an idea and when I spotted a huge bowl full of gold buttons I had the brainwave to make this embellished t-shirt using these buttons!

I picked up a camo print tee from the Primark Men's section in a size medium, as I'm a bit obsessed with camouflage at the moment, but you can embellish whatever t-shirt you like. All you need are a selection of vintage, quirky or unusual buttons - a needle and thread and some patience.

001. Start by laying out your shirt and deciding on where you want to place the buttons. I did a vague triangle shape around the collar area but I wasn't sticking to a strict pattern. You can make a few marks with a pen as a rough guideline.

002. Choose your first button and get sewing! If you have never sewed on a button before all you need to do is thread your needle (I doubled up my thread for extra strength) knot the end of your thread, sew it from back to front through the t-shirt - thread on the button - and go back through the t-shirt front to back. Do this a few times until the button is secure.

003. Place your buttons randomly all around the neckline area. Travelling downwards. I used tiny pearl buttons to break up the design and add something extra.

004. Stop when you feel your t-shirt is embellished enough. It's easy to get carried away!

005. Snip off any extra lengths of thread and your t-shirt is ready to wear. As long as you sewed the buttons securely they won't fall off in the wash.

I still have loads of buttons left and this diy has left me wanting to embellish everything! Next on my list is a oversized jumper or possibly a bag. What did you think of this week's diy tutorial? Will anyone be trying this out this weekend?




  1. This looks great, I love doing things like this as you can get something no one else has x

  2. this is such a brilliant/easy idea totes trying this !

  3. You are ridiculously creative! Amazing tutorial, love how you can have the buttons anywhere you wanted. xo

  4. What a great idea! I love your DIY! =)
    And thank you very much for following my blog! =D


  5. THis looks amazing - definitely going to try this xo

  6. Absolutely love this ! Great idea xx

  7. Wow, definitely trying out something like this :)

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