Thursday, 27 December 2012

Best Blog Posts of 2012

As we are speeding towards the new year, I thought it would be nice to look back over some popular and my personal favourite blog posts from 2012. If you're a new follower you might want to check these out...

Ways to Wear a Scarf - February 2012

I put this little post together after falling in love with this scarf. I think it brightens up any outfit and it was really enjoyable to photograph and write this post. More 'ways to wear' posts coming in 2013!
This has to be a highlight of 2012 for me. I was so thrilled that Altered Couture magazine wanted to feature my DIY I still have my copy in a protective plastic sleeve on my bookshelf! A proud moment.

Dip Dying Denim - May 2012

2012 has been the year of the DIY for me! I discovered what wonders can be done with a sachet of Dylon fabric dye and I've loved making dip dye items. This post reminds me of the spring and setting out baths of pink dye all over the garden.  

Tie Dyed Jeans - May 2012
Looking back at these blog posts brings back the Spring and Summer. I can't believe how beautiful these jeans turned out. It's almost a flower pattern and all I used was rubber bands and bleach.

Studding DIYs - May 2012
I made this dip dye studded sweater inspired by Topshop's version in May. So many people have emailed me about this diy! It's one of my most viewed blog posts so thanks guys I'm glad you love it as much as I do.

The Disco Pant - June 2012

Getting my Disco Pants was a highlight of this year (is that sad?) and they are such a widely popular trouser I had tons of great comments on this post. I really need to blog about them more often and show you lot how I like to wear them.

DIY Camo Nails - August 2012
I've done a few nail tutorials this year but I think this one has to be my favourite. It's following the current camouflage trend and I think it looks brilliant but it's so easy to do.

Yey for outfit planning! My crazy organisational skills have been projected on to my blog and this is something I want to keep up next year too. Laying out what I'm going to wear for certain occasions can provide a bit of inspiration for you too. (I hope!) 

America Travel Diaries - September 2012
In 2012 I traveled to America visiting Washington DC for the second time and San Francisco for the first with one of my best friends. I had an unforgettable time and it was really enjoyable to blog about my experiences. I can't wait to go back there in the future...

Michael Kors Watch - November 2012
My favourite birthday present! This was a pleasure to blog about, I'd been wanting one for such a long time and I would really recommend splashing the cash for one of these or asking for one as a present of course.

DIY Cage Bra - November 2012

I had lots of fun designing and creating this DIY and it was very well received. Has anyone made one?! It's not only an interesting and unique design but it's so comfortable to wear too. DIYs have been my favourite part of blogging in 2012 so it was difficult to pick out just a few.

There are lots of blog posts I've enjoyed writing this year so it was difficult to just pick a few to highlight... I'd love to know if you have a favourite post or if you have discovered one from this list. 2013 is going to bring even better and bigger blog posts, I'm not bored yet and I can't see myself giving blogging up anytime soon.




  1. Ooh this is such a lovely post!
    Lots of nice posts over the year too :)

  2. I love the ways to wear a scarf post! I love Look no. 7!

    Project Rattlebag


  3. I love your DIYs they are so good!

  4. Another good year for your blog! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! x

  5. I love ur diy cage bra it looks really cool check out my blog when u can :)

  6. :) your DIYs were my favourite part of your blog this year and definitely one of the reasons I started following you, I hope you keep coming up with cool and interesting ideas.
    Merry Christmas!


  7. All of your DIY's are my favourite, they're such an easy and cheap way to keep up with trends! xo

  8. Your DIYs were probably some of my favourite posts :) so affordable and easy to make! Even if I didn't have time to make them I still love reading about how you went about it :) xxx

  9. I must check out some of these posts- I'm a recent follower/blogger :) I love the sound of your DIYs though xx

  10. very nice blog. you have some exclusive collection on your blog.. good work keep it up!!!
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