Sunday, 11 November 2012

Instagram Sunday #7

21st Birthday Gifts // DIY Cage Bra // Cold Early Mornings // Starbucks Red Cups // Bonfire Night Nails // Sneak Preview of DIY // Michael Kors Watch // The Body Shop Coconut Gift Set // Mirror Shot // Max // DIY Cage Bra 2 // Free AA Nail Polish

This week I have spent an awful lot of time watching The US Office and becoming absorbed in Pam and Jim's love life. I've also been spreading out my Birthday celebrations starting with Nando's lunch on Monday with Uni friends and then a trip to Cloud 23 at The Hilton with my besties for tea and scones! I took so many photos so I'll definitely be blogging about this. I was lucky enough to be spoilt rotten and receive some lovely presents including a gorgeous silver ring in the shape of a feather. 

Whilst out in Manchester we all popped into American Apparel to get our hands on a free nail polish. If you haven't been yet then go NOW because they are bound to run out soon. All you need to do is show them an image (which can be found here) no purchase necessary and there are some really lovely colours to choose from. I picked up this autumn leaf colour which is called Lopez Canyon and I'm so glad I did. The application is brilliant and I don't own any other polish in this colour. 

I actually have blog posts for many of these images (which I've linked above) and I'm feeling more like an active blogger again. I wish the same could be said for my Uni work - I have become completely lazy and really need a kick up the bum. Off I go to procrastinate some more....
(Also really need to get started on Christmas presents.)




  1. Lovely photos, youre soooo beautiful xx

  2. seriously how amazing is your diy cage bra, it looks amazing! and I think I may have fell in love with your cat he's adorable! :) xx

  3. Ahh I don't think I'll be able to make it in time to get one of the polishes :( But I love the colour you chose!

    Btw good luck on your uni work x

  4. I love the body shop coconut set, it smells so good :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  5. Beautiful photos and "gorgeous" nail polish!!!

    I'm your follower on BlogLovin (483) and Twitter (921)!
    Hope you'll do the same!

  6. I am loving the return of the red cups in Starbucks! Your Michael Kors watch looks fab too! xo

  7. so cute loving all the nail polish. Going to have to try AA myself and see if they've got any left!

  8. Hey I love your instagram pictures! Check out my blog at


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