Sunday, 4 November 2012

Instagram Sunday #6

New H&M Dress // Ice Blue Glitter Nails // New Birthday Bracelets // Birthday Cake made by Ashley // Mirror Poses // New Topshop Rings // Leaving Uni Late // Following this dog around Salford // Michael Kors Watch // Studded Nails // New Ink // Penguin Chaps at the Zoo

So it was my birthday on Monday and thank you for all your kind birthday wishes! I had a great day even though everyone was at work, Josh took the day off and we pottered around Manchester. We did a little shopping and he treated me to a Michael Kors watch!! I've been lusting after one for ages and I'm so happy to own one -  I'm making the effort to wear it often even though I'm scared of scratching it or bumping it. I may do a blog post featuring it as they seem to be so popular within the blogging community, they really are gorgeous watches. I'm a very lucky girl. I also popped down to my local tattoo shop to get this little heart on my ribs/back. A simple design I have been meaning to get done for a long time and turning 21 seemed to be a perfect legitimate reason.

I've received some amazing presents and the birthday celebrations are still not over as I'm dragging my 21st out for as long as possible! Unfortunately lots of deadlines fall in October and November so I've been spending lots of time at Uni and not leaving the building until dark. Which is fine in the Summer months but not so great when it's cold and dark outside. Ah well, there is always a creature or two knocking about to cheer me up like this huge 'lion' dog that we tried to adopt. 

I know I have been slacking on the blog front recently but I will get back up to speed soon. I have some blog posts planned it's just finding time to do them. I'm hoping these regular Sunday updates are enough to keep you guys going and know that I'm still here!

Tomorrow is Bonfire Night so I'll be heading down to Heaton Park in Manchester as they always put on a brilliant firework display and then light a huge bonfire. It's all very safe and controlled, I'd rather go to a public planned display than one in someone's back garden. Is anyone else doing anything for Bonfire Night? 
Stay safe and keep warm!




  1. Love your little updates :) im going to a bonfire in manchester tomorrow too, platfields park though, hope its good! xx

  2. I LOVE those rings! I just had a birthday too (18th) and am planning a tattoo right now xo

  3. Happy (late) Birthday :) I love your studded nails !

    Beautiful Dreams

  4. hope you had a great birthday:D
    -check out my week in photos -

  5. Aa Michael Kors watch, very jealous:)

  6. such a pretty birthday cake ! and your rings are amazing ! xx

  7. Happy birthday, you're hair looks gorgeous in the first picture :)


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