Monday, 15 October 2012

The Leather Sleeved Parka Jacket

The leather sleeved khaki parka jacket is one of A/W 2012 top trends as sparked off by the Zara version. There have been so many variations on this jacket with my top picks coming from Missguided, Lavish Alice and this eBay jacket that one of my readers kindly directed me to. I even made my own by cutting up two coats back in July and showed you guys how you could make one too.

It's a trend I loved at the beginning and have grown weary of in the past few weeks as it seems everyone is wearing this style now. I held off for as long as I could but not completely satisfied with the one I handmade I took a leap of faith and purchased one. Whether they're a common sight or not I still love the idea of contrasting sleeves so I knew I'd have to have one. I wasn't going to spend a lot of money and the Primark one sold out in a matter of days in Manchester so I scoured the internet for a cheap alternative.

I came across this basic one on for just £30 (plus it was free delivery) Mine is the khaki colour and I ordered it in a size Medium. It's a little darker in real life than on the screen which I like and I think the sleeves appear to be slightly better quality too. It's very thin and lightweight with faux leather skinny sleeves and a looser fit body. It has two basic medium sized pockets and two fake zip pockets. It's a great jacket for a slightly warmer autumn day or to layer up with long sleeved tops. I think I would struggle to fit my arms into the sleeves whilst wearing a chunky knit jumper though. I've had issues with the quality of clothing from BooHoo before and I've not bought anything from them for at least a year. However I am pleased with this jacket and although it's not to the quality of the original Zara one it is only £30 so you get what you pay for.

My advice for anyone looking for a leather sleeved jacket is to shop around first. If you love the trend and you know you will get a lot of wear out of one then I'd spend a little more money to get that added quality. If like me you are on the fence then go for a cheaper alternative like the Primark version or this BooHoo one.
I think this jacket will see me through to Spring as it's so lightweight I will be able to wear it in the warmer months too.




  1. It's lovely! I got one of these in the teen section of new look. I also didn't want to spend a fortune and mine only cost me £25. xx

  2. I wasn't sure if I liked the parka with combined leather jacket style at first, but now I love it! It's amazing how if you look around on ebay you can find such bargains :)

    louisejoyb x

  3. I love these types of jackets , i cant stop wearing mine :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  4. I love these - so many people have them now and I NEED one! So gorgeous xo

  5. love this jacket - it looks a lot more expensive than £30 in the photos :) xx

  6. love it ! it looks great on you hun ! xx

  7. I confess that I'm not a massive fan of the trend on me but it looks so much nicer on other people! It looks like a really great buy! x

  8. great blog:) I love that jacket:) I follow you now Would you like to follow me back?
    Magda xx


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