Sunday, 14 October 2012

Instagram Sunday #4

Eating Spike Brains // New Uni Bag on the Train // Chunky Plait // KFC Krushems // Drilling in the Workshops at Uni // Mulberry Style Handbag // Cuddles with Spike // Working alone in the Mac Suite // Molly watching TV

I feel like I've not been my usual self with blogging - but I will eventually get back on track. I've got some great things to show you next week and I'm hoping to get myself involved with a few more lifestyle blog posts. If anyone is interested this Mulberry Alexa style satchel is for sale on my eBay account and you can get bidding here! There are 4 days of the auction left.

I've been having a bit of a nightmare with Uni projects and somehow I have ended up in the basement of my Uni building drilling holes in pieces of metal. Or asking nicely so the technicians will do it all for me.
My Instagram cat photos seem to go down well - who doesn't like looking at cute animals on Instagram though. I promise I will get a photo of them all together one day!

I've just had a HUGE clear out and finally packed away lots of my summer clothes sob sob so now all that is left on my rails are chunky knit jumpers and long sleeve shirts. Ah well, lots of room for new clothes! I was seriously worried for my own safety after my last clothes rail snapped in the night from the weight of my clothes and my new double rail was starting to tip forward and bend. It was time to throw some stuff away.

I'm getting quite excited for my birthday now as lots of plans are falling into place. It seems I have lots of people who want to do things with me which is lovely and I'm having to spread things out over 4 weekends which means my birthday just lasts much much longer! Yey! Plus turning 21 means I earn a few more pennies at work which is never a bad thing!



  1. nice pictures :) Hope you have some luck with your uni projects in the end !

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. Lovely pictures :) it's my birthday soon too and I'm looking forward to it! I hope your uni projects go well! :) x

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  4. Why do items always decide to snap or fall over in the middle of the night and scare the poop out of us? Must be a conspiracy!
    Kerry x

  5. your cat us such a cutie ! xx


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