Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup Review

Don't be fooled by the name, this product is basically a foundation. Suited for oily and blemish prone skin. I first tried this foundation last year with a tiny tester pot from the Clinique counter. I loved the finish and the lightweight feel it had on my skin and I quickly used the entire sample. For some reason I never took the plunge and purchased a full sized 30ml bottle. Possibly because of the £23.00 price tag. 

When I was in the States last month I decided I would go for it and bought a bottle for what would have worked out as around £17 in Macy's. Which is a fair saving and I wish high end UK make up was this cheap! It's actually called 'acne solutions' in the US but is the exact same product. I showed this foundation in my USA Haul and lots of you asked for a review. I've been using it now almost everyday since returning home (about 3 and a half weeks) so I think I have given it a fair test drive and can safely conclude that this is my favourite foundation ever and I will never be buying anything else (well maybe.)

As I'm pale with pink undertones to my skin I was matched up to the palest shade which is Alabaster. This is perfect for my skin colour, as long as I don't pile it on too thick it blends seamlessly in with my natural skin tone and has the perfect mix of pink/cream undertones so I don't get the dreaded yellow face. If you are more olive skinned or have yellow undertones, Clinique have a shade for you too!

*UPDATE - July 2016* Since writing this blog post back in 2012 I have had multiple professional MUAs tell me my skin's undertones are actually neutral-to-yellow. By using a foundation with pink undertones I was enhancing any redness in my skin and it was unflattering. Since trying yellow based foundation shades I have not looked back. I now find this Clinique shade 'Alabaster' to be too pink for me (and also a teeny bit too dark). Unfortunately this is the palest shade Clinique offer and I find their range tends to lean towards pink tones. I still love the formula, application and finish of this foundation - I stand by my enthusiasm for how well it works and looks! But I have since moved on to more suitable shades. See my recent review of Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light foundation.

The number one priority on my foundation shopping list is that I need something that does NOT break me out. I wouldn't say I have acne but I do easily get the odd breakout if I don't treat my skin well. In the past I have only been able to use powdered mineral foundations such as the Laura Mercier one but I longed for a liquid foundation for the silky finish. Now I have found one! The Clinique Anti Blemish has not yet (in over 3 weeks) given me a single spot. In fact, I feel as though it has prevented possible spots. Any blemishes that have surfaced have been due to poor eating habits recently, junk food and sugary drinks mainly. 

Another star quality in this foundation is that is keeps shine at bay. I have normal to oily skin and after a few hours shine usually starts to appear on my nose and chin but when I'm wearing this I can go all day with minimal shine and usually only have to apply a powder once. Just once! I feel as though my skin has seen improvements from this product even when I'm not wearing it. Redness has been reduced and my skin feels healthy and soft after removing this foundation. 

I'd say this foundation is a medium coverage. You can build it up a little to create a higher coverage but I think with a small amount applied well you can conceal any redness and small blemishes. When I feel I need a bit more coverage I use my Collection 2000 concealer but 9/10 I haven't needed to use any concealer with this foundation! I like to apply this with my ELF Flat Top Powder Brush and I use around a peanut size each day. I then finish with a slight dusting of a setting powder such as Witch Anti Blemish Pressed Powder.

Any downsides? Only that it is costly. I use this almost everyday and can see the 30ml size lasting me up until Christmas and then I shall need to purchase another one. Also the lid is a little tricky to remove and screw back on when you have your hands full. 

What do you think? Have you tried this foundation from Clinique? I hope my review was helpful to those on the fence about trying this. Remember everyone's skin types are different and what works for me may not work for you. But I know when I run out of this bottle I will be purchasing another.



  1. I've been wanting to try a clinique foundation for ages:)!


  2. Ive wanted to try out this foundation for age but its pretty expensive, but youre persuading me to buy it!

  3. This is my favourite foundation - use it daily! Definitely is the best I've found for my oily skin! If I was ever in America I'd be sure to pick up a couple and make a bit of a saving on it :) Great review! xx

  4. This products looks wonderful! Really interesting review! Not doubt Clinique is a wonderful brand for the skincare~~

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  5. oh i get shiny too and this sounds fantastic ! xx

  6. I've always heard wonderful things about Clinique and it appears the foundation is no different! Great post! x


  7. Yes, it´s great! I am 42 and still have oily skin and sometimes break out. This, unlike all other foundations for oily skin when one wants coverage, does NOT feel and look cakey. At all. It feels light and fresh, not cakey yet not too creamy and oily- it just feels like a second skin! I find Clinique to be VERY different to other brands in this case- while other brands always offer very thick and cakey alternatives if you have oily skin (I could never use anything moistureizing or anti-age since it is WAY too oily for my skin!), Cliniques anti-blemish is delicate, silky eyt offers good coverage and last a long time. Great product.

  8. Hey!
    I tried number 2, but this one is to yellow for my skin tone.
    The problem is that I live in the Netherlands and over here number 1 is not available.
    So I can not get the right foundation when I finally found it.
    Do you have a solution for my problem??

  9. ive been using it for three years and it is the best thing ever. I have acne prone skin but I can wear this foundation everyday without a problem. it is also long wearing and has a beautiful finish. The best on the market so far for acne prone skin. love it love it love it !!!!

  10. Hi there, I know I'm very late to the party, but would you know how the shade you're using is comparing to MAC shades? I'm a MAC nw13 :) Many thanks!

    1. Since writing this post I have had numerous professionals tell me I have neutral to yellow undertones to my skin. And since trying more yellow-based foundations I have never looked back. In MAC I am a NC15. Whenever I use this Clinique foundation now I can't help but see how it doesn't suit my skin tone at all.
      But if you truly have pink undertones to your skin I think this shade Alabaster will be perfect!

  11. clinique acne solution foundation is same with anti blemish foundation? both are same or is there any difference?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Yes they are exactly the same :) It's known as Acne Solutions in the US and Anti Blemish in the UK


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