Sunday, 9 September 2012

Original BB Creams Review

About a month ago I took the plunge a bought these BB Cream miniatures by Skin79 that had been sat in my eBay Watch List for forever. They were under £6 with free delivery but it wasn't the price putting me off.
I've always had trouble with foundation - having sensitive skin means most foundations just break me out from day one and cause more trouble than they are worth. The only foundations I've been ok with are mineral powders - but a girl can get stick of powder and lust after something more traditional and creamy.

I first heard of BB Creams through the YouTube beauty community and thought they might be a product suited to my awkward skin type. But being only one shade (supposedly adapting to individual skin tones) I was dubious of how they would look on my fair pink under-toned skin.
So I've tried and tested these above BB Creams over the period of one month and thought I'd give you my honest opinions...


- They didn't break me out! Hallelujah!
- Although tiny in size, these samples lasted quite a long time.
- The shade really does adapt to my skin tone - and the greyish colour vanishes when blended.
- They were probably a closer match to my skin tone than any other foundation I've ever tried. Seriously.
- They are all pretty similar in texture, application etc although my favourite was the gold Super BB Cream.
- The Diamond and Diamond Pearl Creams are not at all disco-bally but add a great glow to the skin.
- They lasted well on my skin and did not show signs of wear throughout the day.
- They kept shine at bay!


- They are not super duper amazing coverage. 
- They do a standard job at concealing redness & blemishes but I still wanted to use a bit of concealer afterwards. 
- You need to use a fair amount each time.

To summarise, I will be purchasing a full size product. They are great for days when you don't want to wear much on your skin but need a product that you can rely on. I grouped them all together in one review as to be honest, they are all pretty similar. The Diamond ones obviously have some shimmer in them and I wouldn't wear these during a summer day - but perhaps in the Autumn when you want a fresh glow about your face they would be perfect. 
Everyone on YouTube seems to rave about the Hot Pink BB Cream - although something about the Gold version won for me so I'll be looking to buy this one in full size.

BB Creams are everywhere now, but don't always believe that what you are buying from the British/American market are really BB Creams. It's very easy for companies to shove those two little letters on to a bottle of tinted moisturiser. I'd recommend trying out the best and the original. 


*This is a scheduled post as I am currently away - I will read and respond to any comments when I return!*



  1. I quite like BB creams, especially in the summer, I've used the No7 one for a while and while it is good I've returned to a foundation as I wanted more coverage.
    Great review:)

  2. I've not yet found a BB cream that suits my skin tone but I might tie these a go! thanks for the review! 
Project Rattlebag xoxo

  3. They look so cute in the packaging, I really want to try a BB cream but so far all the ones I've tried are far too greasy for my skin x

  4. I also have very sensitive skin so have been thinking of trying one BB cream for a while but wasn't sure which one would be best between all the many you can find these days. This post has been super useful and I'll probably get also the miniatures set to try them all!

  5. these minis are so cute ! x

  6. Really nice review~~ Interesting~~


  7. I have the missha BB cream, they have amazing coverage, you should check it out ! :)

  8. great post! still haven't tried BB creams yet

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a MAC lipstick and 5 models own nail polishes!

  9. I love BB creams and I can't wait to get a full sized one! I found that how they kept shine away was my favourite aspect of them, and I loved the coverage too. x


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