Sunday, 30 September 2012

Instagram Sunday #2

Bedtime Snack // Beechfield Beanie // Toasty Toes // WAH inspired Nails // Rug Cat // Carluccios // Outfit // Coconut M&Ms // Keyboard Cat // Camo Jacket // Face of the Day // Cuddles // New Shoes // Finishing Antibiotics // New Twitter // Outfit of the Day // Domino's Pizza // Train Platform

After last Sunday's Instagram post (my first ever) I received some great positive feedback about showing more of my Instagram photos on my blog. I realised that not everyone has an iPhone or Instagram so may be missing out on my daily updates. These photos were all taken in the past week. Yes, it's a lot!
It was back to Uni this week and I got my timetable on Tuesday which tells me I'm only in lectures 2 days a week - I don't quite know how I feel about this! It's also a return to public transport and it's pitfalls. I quite enjoy getting the train when it's quiet and warm and I have my iPod to keep me company. I don't enjoy being squashed up to sweaty business men whilst trying to avoid a drowsy wasp.
Work wise, I'm going to push myself to be braver this year because sometimes that's all it takes to get a great shot.

I've been shopping. I've needed to! I'm more than happy with my new beechfield beanie and camo jacket, I feel like a true hipster wearing both at the same time. I've also been eating ALOT. So much junk food and sugary treats I need to reign myself in next week and start taking lots of fruit to Uni again.
I'm off the drugs - yey! My tonsillitis has gone and so have my last couple of antibiotics. I can't tell you how much better I feel for not having them bouncing around my stomach.
I Instagram my cats often. Especially Spike as he seems to be the easiest to grab. I actually have five cats - although they don't all feature on my Instagram wall. I must change this and get them all in the frame. I can only get a photo of them all together when they are eating so that's my aim for next week!


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  1. You are just sooo gorgeous! Lovely photos xx

  2. your cat laying on his back is so cute ! x

  3. keep dong the instagram photos! i really like them, especially your cute cat!

  4. Five cats, amazing! I just have the one, but he's a diva. ;) I love your new shoes too! I hope uni goes okay :) x

  5. Love these posts! Question: how do you lay them out like that, it's always a source of grief for me... Either reply on my blog, or tweet me @ohmy_Olivia ?? xo

  6. Sweet photos! I like to see those random pictures, you should keep posting them :)


  7. hope you are feeling better, tonsillitis is horrid x


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