Sunday, 23 September 2012

Instagram America

Flying // OOTD // Setting Off // Starbucks at Dupont Circle // Shopping // Baseball // Balcony // Photobooth Fun // Beach // Forever 21 // Flight Reading Material // OOTD // San Fran // Sephora Shopping Trip

This is my first ever instagram post. I've had instagram since May of this year and already have over 200 images. That's the photographer in me combined with my love of social networking. And I enjoy following others on instagram and even seeing their photos collaged together like this on their blogs. These types of posts are becoming quite popular now so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and give it a go. 
This collage includes all the instagrammed photos from my recent trip to America and I thought it would be nice to theme it all together. I'm still trying to hold on the holiday memories even though normality is creeping back in. I will stop talking about it at some point. Promise.

I've been really ill this week with tonsillitis which Mum is certain I caught on the plane so I've not been at work as much. Back to Uni on Tuesday though to start my lectures for second year! I'm excited to get back into Photography again, I watched a documentary on working photographers the other night which has really inspired me to start carrying around my camera everywhere I go again. I've been so wrapped up in blog photography I haven't given any artistic stuff a look in. You may have noticed I have my own domain now and become a .com - yey! I thought it was about time. I've been running this blog for 2 years now and would you believe it this is my 300th blog post. Wow!

What do you think about instagram blog posts? Are they becoming to much of a regular occurrence or do you like to see people's images displayed this way?


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  1. Lovely pictures ! I love San Francisco so much :)

  2. I adore instagram photos! I'm getting a new phone tomorrow (fingers crossed) moving over to android and I'm so excited to be jumping on the instagram bandwagon!! :) Tonsillitis really does suck :( hope you've been given some anti-biotics! You'll get better in no time! I had it last year it was horrible so plenty of rest :) and I found that petit filous yoghurt was pretty good! xxx

  3. lovely pictures ! x

  4. I think even though a lot of people now use/blog about instagram, it's still a medium of photography and therefore I love seeing all these great photos people come up with! Congrats on the blog upgrade! x

  5. looks like you had an amazing time in america! i love seeing instagram posts - as long as the photo's aren't of 12 different meals people ate etc haha! would love to see some of your artistic work too! xx

  6. I like the Instagram posts, I don't follow the instagrams of every person whose blog I read so it's nice to see other things people have been doing in the blogs. I've loved the holiday posts as I really want to go to America!
    Kerry x

  7. i love instagram will follow you
    please follow pinkyliciousvita too!


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