Friday, 21 September 2012

DIY Galaxy Print Scarf - from T-shirts!

Remember these galaxy t-shirts? Well as it turns out my DIY Galaxy Print Tees have been one of my most successful blog posts. You guys seem to love them, so thank you! Today's DIY post is basically using these t-shirts, cutting them up and fashioning them into something completely different - a scarf! 

It's so simple to make and is perfect transition piece for going into Autumn. I'm using two plain black t-shirts and two old 'tester' galaxy print t-shirts. So that's 4 t-shirts in total. Don't worry you don't need to have made the galaxy shirts first you can simply start off with plain black ones. We are going to be adding the galaxy, cosmic design later...

What You Need

2, 3 or 4 Black T-shirts 
(depending on how thick of a scarf you want)
Fabric Scissors
White Fabric Paint
Household Bleach

Step #1
Lay out your t-shirts. Snip off the bottom hem. Then start cutting 1 inch wide strips all the way up to the armpits. 

Step #2
You should be left with lots of loops of fabric. Gather a few together and pull. The material will naturally stretch and roll together a little. 

Step #3
To make a fringe strip - cut the bottom hem off one t-shirt. Snip 1 wide inch strips upwards to fringe out the tee. Pull these down to stretch them out. Knot together in pairs. Then cut the entire 'fringe' away from the bulk of the t-shirt. Add this loop to your scarf.

Step #4
Lay all your black t-shirt loops on to a bin bag or plastic surface to protect your carpet/flooring. Add half bleach, half water into a small spray bottle. Spray the bleach mix all over your loops of fabric. Let the bleach do it's work and the pattern will emerge. Drop extra large blobs of bleach in random areas. Speed this up with a hair dryer. 

Step #5
When you're happy with the bleach effect it's time to add the white 'stars'. Flick white fabric paint on to the loops using an old toothbrush or large paintbrush. Be careful where you flick the paint!

Step #6
Let everything dry. Then gather all your loops into one - line up the seams of each loop. We are going to hide these. Using a spare strip of material, wind this around and around the seams to cover them.


The scarf is complete! I'm going to be wearing mine with an all black outfit. You can use this method to make a t-shirt scarf in any colour or design. Try plaiting or twisting some of the loops together. Remember though - different coloured fabric reacts differently to bleach.



  1. such a good idea, it looks very cool as well ! x

  2. This looks so cool, you're so creative! Definitely need to try out some of your DIYs! :)

    Frances xx

  3. This is amazing! You always do the best DIY posts, I hope your feeling a bit better! Tonsillitis is horrible! Drink lots of hot ribeana so nice! xxxx

  4. This is such a great idea! Love the final 'messy' style it comes out in! x


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