Monday, 17 September 2012


Khaki Green Shorts - Topshop (sale)
White Tee - Primark
Converse All Stars
Jewellery - River Island
Sunglasses - H&M
Nails - Essie Mint Candy Apple

...CHARGE! Going to see the baseball is so much fun. I'm not hugely into sports and I always prefer seeing sport live to watching it on tv but baseball is a game I can really get excited about. To me it's pretty much just like rounders that we played at school but the men can actually hit the ball. Plus you get all the sillyness of the big screen. It's much more entertaining! We went to watch Washington Nationals and the atmosphere was great.

It was another hot day but with a bit of drizzle so I wanted to choose something comfortable (and luckily I picked red and white - National colours!) These shorts I found in the Topshop sale and I lovvvee them. Hopefully I can find a way to wear them in the Autumn but I can't see them looking the same with thick tights.

New clean converse are always such a pleasure to walk around in. Back in the 90s it was the in thing to destroy your converse to the max and wear them until they were holey and talking to you. Now I'm paranoid about getting the white bits even slightly grubby. The brighter the better I say!



  1. Sooo cute! Love the colour of those shorts!! Xx

  2. I am not a fan of destroyed converse either! love that pair in burgundy! and those khaki shorts are so cool... it is the colour of this Fall but I agree that they won't look the same with thick tights...

  3. such cute shorts!

  4. Im in love with these shorts ! Iv never seen these before :) When i first got my converse i didnt want to get them that dirty but then i accidently walked through a muddy puddle :/

    Beautiful Dreams

  5. I'm always really careful with my converse too, but I find it so hard to keep them clean- Once I notice a scuff on the white rubber I just think "sack it" and get them all dirty haha! I love those shorts, they look so comfy :)

    Frances xx

  6. Love the shorts, I definitely prefer Converse nice and bright :D

  7. Those shorts are so nice on you! And I agree I love white trainers! I hate it when the tips of my trainer pumps go grey! xxx

  8. Really great outfit! I'm the same with my Converse, I hate them getting dirty :( x

  9. love how you've styled the shorts, baseball sounds so much fun ! x


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