Wednesday, 22 August 2012

GlossyBox August

This month's GlossyBox came a little earlier than I expected but I was so happy to open it and see the products inside! I'm pretty pleased with this month's selection - which is based on International Superstars featuring most wanted products from all over the globe. This is a brilliant idea and one that makes up the best kind of beauty box if you ask me. As customers we want to try and test out the most coveted beauty items on the market especially those we can't get our hands on usually. GlossyBox have excelled themselves with this box.

#1 Lipcote - I've heard so much about this product that I was really excited to receive one in my box. I've tested it out already and it seems to turn everyday lipstick into a lip-stain. Which means glossy lipsticks do become slightly matte. I need to test this on a night out but I can see it being very useful and actually doing its job.

#2 Alessandro Pro White - This is a nail polish that is supposed to visibly enhance the look of your nails by making the tips whiter and reducing yellow staining. I popped this onto my nails as a base coat but as they are quite short at the moment it was hard to notice any whitening effect. Plus I'm guessing this product needs to be used repeatedly before results are seen. Keen to use this on my toes though as they are a bit discoloured.

#3 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - I'd not heard of this before but after reading a few GlossyBox reviews it seems to be a well known item. It feels very strange to apply oil straight on my face but it definitely removes makeup. I'd use it in conjunction with another cleanser such as Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish though.

#4 Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette - Nice neutral everyday colours. The browns will come in very handy and I don't own many greens so they make a nice change. The packaging is pretty awful but at least it's slim and neat.

#5 Eve's Balm - A cute little balm pot with a good quality mirror inside. I love the packaging it has a matte feel to it and I'll pop this into my handbag for my dry lips. A great little item to have.

#6 GlossyBox's Lipstick in Glossy Pink - On seeing this item I didn't have high hopes but in fact the colour and formula are lovely. It's a rose pink creamy lipstick with brilliant colour pay off. It's even quite bright on my lips and I know I'll wear this on a night out when I'm bored with nudes or reds. A surprisingly great product!

Overall what a great box this month! I've been excited to try out every product and not a single one has gone into my 'gift box'. I always love to see more make-up and skincare items in my box than body lotions or shower gels. A winning box - who else agrees? I hope you all got your hands on this one!




  1. Wow, the contents in this box looks lovely :) I especially like the Eve's balm. The minimal design looks cute plus a mirror in there.. major plus point!


  2. This really is a good Glossy box. I had never heard of oil to take off make up, I'm now curious about this product

  3. I love lipcote! There's always one in my make up bag!
    I do warn you though, if you use it before you eat, it's not the nicest taste! :)

  4. I was really interested to see your review because I got the same box, I personally hated the eyeshadow but mainly agree with you on the others! x

  5. love the idea of an oil to remove makeup!x


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