Friday, 3 August 2012

DIY Dreamcatcher

This Friday I'm going to teach you how to make your very own dreamcatcher. A few weeks ago I uploaded some pics to Instagram of mine and Alison's home-made dreamcatchers and a few people asked how I did it. It's very simple and requires a few items, all of which can be found in craft shops, fabric shops or online. 

Dreamcatchers are said to protect you from nightmares, and are traditionally hung above the bed. "Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through. Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day. Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper." - Wiki 

Dreamcatchers look beautiful hung around the home and when I was little I had a few dreamcatchers dotted around my bedroom. They can be very pricey though especially the large ones. The materials I've used in this tutorial were from a children's 'Make Your Own' set that I found for just 99p. You can find these sets in The Works and The Range and perhaps online, try eBay or Amazon

If you can't find a do-it-yourself set you can still buy all the materials separately from craft shops. For a miniature dreamcatcher try using an old bangle as your hoop! 

The Tutorial

Materials You Need

One Metal or Wooden Hoop (approx. 12cm diameter)
Suede Woven Cord (approx. 260cm)
Strong but thin cord string (approx. 260cm)
Assorted Beads
Leather Adhesive or Strong Glue 

Step #1
Start by cutting a length of your suede cord approx.180cm long and wrapping it around your hoop. The larger the hoop the more cord you will need. Glue the first section of wrapped suede with leather adhesive and let this dry. Alternatively you can just tie the cord on to the hoop in a knot.

Step #2 
Continue to wrap the cord around the hoop tightly. When you get back to the top use more glue or knot again.

Step #3
With left over cord, make a loop from which your dreamcatcher will hang. You can attach a bead at this point too.

Step #4
Now it's time to start creating the web. Use the whole length of your string (260cm) tie it to the top of the hoop. You need to make a curved shape with your string about 6cm down. Loop this over the hoop frame as shown in the photo above. Pull tight.

Step #5
Continue to do this - moving around the hoop as you go. Try and make each section the same width and don't forget to be firm with your string. These straight edges will soon be pulled inwards to create a web-shaped appearance.

Step #6
When you're back at the start again - your going to carry on looping in the same way, but now over the string pattern you just made. Loop and pull tight. Then loop through the next section and continue all around the hoop. This bit is trial and error, if you're confused just give it a go and follow the images above. You'll probably work it out when you try it for yourself. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.

Step #7
Keep going all the way around and around, you'll be making your way towards the centre. Add beads! Just thread one on to the string at random intervals. You'll see triangles forming. They will get smaller and trickier to manage towards the middle.

Step #8
When you're ready to stop just knot the string on to a near by triangle. Cut off any extra.
That's the main part of your dreamcatcher finished!

Step #9
Now it's time to add the extra bits. Cut 3 pieces of suede cord approx. 50cm in length. Double these over and attach to the bottom half of your hoop as shown above.

Step #10
Add as many assorted beads as you like, wherever you like. The beads at the ends of the cord will be used to attach the feathers.

Step #11
Stick feathers into the beads at the bottom of your swinging cord pieces. You shouldn't need to use any glue - with enough feathers stuffed into the beads they won't fall out.





  1. Ah, I love this! You're so right, they can be so expensive so glad you've done this tutorial :) xx

  2. Your dreamcatchers look amazing!xx

  3. omg they are so cute esp the pink one!

  4. these look amazing, I really want to make one! :) x

  5. Thanks for this post! I might try making dreamcatcher earrings and just use really small hoops :) xx

  6. Ahh love this post!! Dream catchers are so beautiful! xxx

  7. Can't wait to try this out :) x

  8. such a good DIY tutorial! definitely want to try this out - also they would make such cute personal gifts for people at christmas/birthdays !

  9. Love the tutorial! Dream catchers are awesome :) I'm definitely going to make this as a birthday gift for my friend :) Thanks for posting.

  10. Your dream catchers are amazing! If I try this I'll let you know! x

  11. I really want to do this dreamcatcher in small and then wear them as earrings!
    It could be a bit difficult to make them that small, but I have to try it :)

  12. I love the dreamcarcher and especially the bull! Where did you get it?

  13. An ancient art brought down to pink painted feathers, animal totems wrongly used and materials bought from the store in the corner...
    Your dream catchers might look good but they make me sad for us forgetting and loosing sense of what is sacred.
    No offense meant.

  14. Hi, I love this detailed DIY dream catcher! I co-own a new online magazine called stellr magazine and we are looking for a DIY for our first issue. We would love to have permission to use your pictures and directions for the first issue, credits will be given in our magazine. Thank You!

  15. This is really nice and beautiful! I'm trying to make one because it's damn expensive out there! I really liked your tutorial!:D

  16. Thank you for this tutorial! I used it to make the spiderweb in my Halloween wreath!

  17. What a cute project! I've linked to you on the FaveCrafts blog :)

  18. Nice sharing!
    Keep spreading good vibes, xoxoxo

  19. nice post and thanks for sharing

  20. This is such a beautiful tutorial.

    Just wondering where you got your hoops from? Once I have that I’m going to attempt it.

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