Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Aztec Playsuit

Aztec Playsuit - H&M
Denim Shirt - Topshop
Converse All Star White Leather
Watch - River Island
Bracelets - H&M

I bought this playsuit last year when H&M brought their new summer collection out and only managed to wear it once! I've brought it out again as I absolutely love the print and bold colours. It's a very thin strappy item so I felt I needed the denim shirt to cover up a bit - but for a night out with heels it's perfect on its own.
I'm currently thinking about all the summer items I can take on holiday with me that are practical for walking around the city but airy enough to not be dripping in sweat. This playsuit will be thrown into my case with a few others - apart from bathroom struggles I find playsuits so easy to wear - they have the look and feel of a dress but they can't blow up in a strong gust. And I could climb a mountain in one! (well maybe.)

This week I have been on a shopping binge. If you're trying to save pennies I advise you not to go into Topshop at all as I wanted everything in there. You might have spotted my new favourite necklace on my instagram - well it was ridiculously overpriced but I adore it. 
I had the girls over last night and we made fajitas! The plus side of being a student on summer break means every night can be a late one. Or a Mexican one. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has been leaving such lovely comments either on here or tweeting me about reaching 1,000 followers. Lots of you have already entered my giveaway, I'm glad everyone's as excited about the prizes as I am!




  1. love the contrast between the denim shirt and the aztec print!
    and your converse!

  2. love this the playsuit is amazing specially teamed with a denim shirt and convs love love love!!

  3. Awwh I saw this playsuit on ebay, and I thought it looked gorgeous! It really does :) Looks wonderful on you xxx

  4. Gorgeous playsuit! Love the bright colours, and it really suits you!

  5. I also love playsuits and this one is so cool. You can wear it with convers, flats, heels,... and doesn't need to add much to have a great outfit! This really is a must for the holidays! :D

    Shoes in Northern Europe "Summer"

  6. Love this playsuit! It looks so nice on you! :D xxx

  7. you look amazing! this playsuit is absolutely lovely. definitely a great print that could work in any season. i love the jean shirt overtop, very summer like!

    xxx emma

  8. love this playsuit, really like the colours for summer, xxx

  9. love the pattern and the colours on the playsuit!

  10. love this outfit!
    just found your blog and love it, you've got amazing style and so many diys, now a new follower :) xx

  11. Cute playsuit! Topshop is the worst for trying to save money, I know exactly what you mean. I went in there the other day for a quick browse and came out with some boots...oops.

  12. that playsuit is just amazing xx

  13. This playsuit looks so pretty! I'm also trying to save up some money. Hopefully we can both save up. x

  14. Hi Gwen, love this outfit, it's so summery! I'm contact you from, we've been looking through your blog and we love your style. We're currently looking for some great bloggers to work with us, if you'd be interested please contact us on thanks xx

  15. Great playsuit, the colours are so lovely! Playsuits are so easy to wear! x


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