Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tiger Face

Tiger Body - Primark
Dip Back Skirt - Primark
Chain Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Watch - River Island
Rings - Sam Ubhi

This is my rushed outfit from last night. I changed about 5 times before settling on this! We just went out to a few bars for drinks but I'd happily wear this during the day too. The tiger bodysuit caught my attention in Primark about a month ago (I'm not sure if they still have this in stock) and it's so comfy. It's made from swimsuit material and has a scoop back. Now I've worn it 'out-out' I'll feel much more comfortable to wear it with jeans and a jacket for shopping during the day. Is anyone else the same? A piece that is originally quite dressy becomes an everyday item once its had its first official outing!

Similar jewellery items from me again - I become obsessed with wearing certain jewellery for a while and then I'll have a big change. For now I'm sticking to chunky gold chains and layered rings. I like that the white converse really dress down the whole outfit which makes a much more casual statement. 

Today is a lazy Sunday. I'm working tonight but until then I will be slouching around and catching up on blogs. I'm currently sat here with a home made hair mask on (egg and olive oil mixture) so I'll let you know how that goes! 




  1. I LOVE that tiger body, I've been meaning to get the owl one for ages but I didn't know how to style it. You look so lovely :) xoxo

  2. love that tiger body and you have styled it really well as usuall!

  3. Love this outfit! I know what you mean about fancy stuff having its first outing first aha :) xxx

  4. Love this outfit :) FAB! The skirt dresses it up a little, and I love the difference with the converse and body. gorgeous <3 x

  5. The tiger body is so cool, you've dressed it really well! :)

  6. I love the tiger body :) x

  7. this is absolutely darling - the tiger shirt is perfection. I love you converse, ive been meaning to pick up another pair! xxx


  8. I feel the exact same about wearing a new piece, once it's had it's premier I feel I can wear it much more casually, so bizarre! I love this outfit, you look amazing as always! xx

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  10. Really nice ! :)
    Comme on lookbook <3

  11. Love this outfit, wearing the tiger face print trend is not easy and you just nailed it! xx

  12. Hey I just found this on topshop
    weirdly similar to your look!


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