Tuesday, 3 July 2012


White Tee - Primark
Black Hoodie - H&M
Leather Gilet - Zara
Leggings - eBay
Bag - Marc B @ Topshop
Heavy Chain Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Cross Necklace - Topshop
Watch - River Island
Chain Wrap Around Bracelet - Primark
GLORY Wristband - Honour Over Glory

This is what I wore today. It's a style I feel completely comfortable in. For all the fun it is dressing up and being girly its equally as enjoyable to throw on leggings, a hoodie and converse. I dug out this old wristband from my younger 'emo' days and was surprised to see Honour Over Glory seem to have reinvented themselves (although they still sell the GLORY tube tops that I've always secretly wanted!) They're not a brand I'd see myself going back to now I'm older and wiser but looking at their new website I'm pleased to see some tees I like and their lookbook video is beautiful.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might know I got up super early this morning to get to the River Island sale and get my hands on a further 50% off wristband. I wasn't overly impressed with the sale but I did find some lovely pieces that I'm putting away for my holidays and the early start was worth it because I saved a fortune! Has anyone else checked out the sale yet?

I've got a few things planned for the rest of the week including getting my hair done, burning some CDs for Josh's car and experimenting with a possible DIY Friday. I had a mini influx of new followers over the past few weeks, so a big thank you, glad you could join us! You may have also spotted my new blog header - it just needed a tweak I shall leave well alone now - I promise.




  1. Love this outfit! I really need to visit Primark! They seem to have some really great things and I love your new header! I'm always tweaking my blog, I never seem to be completely happy with it aha xxx

  2. love this outfit post its really rock chic'y, and love the new blog titel!

  3. Love this! I seriously love nothing more than wearing leggings so I can totally relate. The whole look is very gangsta reminiscent! ;) xx


  4. Looking great! Those leggings are amazing on you! And your watch is gorgeous!


  5. wow i really love your outfit! :) x

  6. Ooh I really love this outfit, it looks so casual and comfy yet styled well- Your bag is gorgeous too! I'm definitely jealous that you got your hands on a River Island sale wristband... Nobody would come with me this morning :(

    Frances x


  7. I love this look! I feel much more comfortable dressing like this, although it is nice to wear girly things too. DIY Friday sounds like a great idea! x


  8. i checked out the RI sale today as well. sadly didnt get my hands on a 50% off wristband though.


  9. You look awesome! I am just in love with those nails, I will redirect my readers to your blog to check the post where you explained how to do it!
    Love the watch too and didn't know RI sales started today! will go on Friday as soon as I escape from the office!

    Tips on Zara Sales at http://MissPlebian.blogspot.com

  10. I was out shopping on Monday and River Island was closed at 3pm! I was gutted!



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