Friday, 13 July 2012

DIY Design Your Own Tee

Welcome to another DIY Friday! This week I've been customising tshirts with fabric paint and I wanted to show you how. There are lots of ways to print or make your own t shirts. Screen Printing at home is a popular way but it requires more tools, effort and time. I find the way I'm about to show you much simpler, although you need a steady hand and a little skill in painting. The paintbrush you use also makes a big difference. I'm using a thin tapered brush with a flat head. For this tutorial I have designed a t-shirt based on my blog logo but you can paint anything you like!

001# Start by choosing your design. As an example I'm taking my blog logo - its a simple heart shape with thick lines. You wont want to pick anything too tricky - so stay away from skinny lines or lots of detail. You can sketch something out from scratch or pick a logo/shape from the internet. Any letters or words will also have to be bold and large enough for you to hand paint.
You can use photo editing software such as Photoshop to create a digital sketch of how the finished product will look. Print out your design. Mine filled an A4 sheet of paper which was the perfect size for my tank top.

You Will Need

White Tshirt or White Tank Top
Print Out of Your Design
Dylon Fabric Paint in Black
Thin Paint Brush
Masking Tape
Sheet of card

002# Slip a piece of card into your shirt, so the fabric paint wont seep through to the other side. Also place your printed design into your shirt. You'll be able to faintly see your design through the material.
You can now trace your design using a pencil if you like. I didn't bother with this step and instead just taped everything down so it wouldn't move and began to paint....

003# You need a steady hand and lots of patience. Take your time and fill in the design bit by bit. Don't be frightened to keep topping up your brush with fabric paint - you need to apply enough so its a solid block colour. If you spot some areas that are fading, go over these again. I'm really impressed with these Dylon Fabric Paint pots, they dry quickly, they don't smell and your tshirt will stay soft and flexible even when the paint has dried.

004# Painting the whole design took about an hour as I was being very careful. I actually found the letters easier than the curvy lines of the heart. Leave it to completely dry. To secure the design in place put a tea towel over your top and iron on a high heat for a few minutes. You can then wear and wash your custom made tee! Dylon promise your design will last as long as your shirt does.

If you're not comfortable with painting straight on to your tee, you could use a stencil. Transfer your design onto thick card and cut out the areas you wish to 'colour in'. You can then place your stencil over your shirt and dab the fabric paint on with a sponge or thicker brush.


*I post DIY tutorials every Friday. Click here to see a whole list of my previous DIYs. 



  1. This is such a good idea, would love to make my own T-shirts! I always love your DIY's, they're so creative :) xx

  2. another great DIY Friday post! love your blog!

  3. this is awesome, such a cute idea!! xxx

  4. Such a lovely tut, and the results are so good too! Nice!

  5. It looks great! I should definitely transform some of my plain tops using this method! :)

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  9. i ♡ your blog so so so so so so much!


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