Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bleached Out

Denim Shirt - DIY
Navy Dress - H&M
Sandals - H&M
Gemstone Necklace -

(These outfit photos were taken last week when the weather here in the UK actually was warmer!)
The title of this post refers to my shirt and my legs. I was obviously not prepared for a blast of warm sun. But whatever, I'm rocking the pale look. I'm in love with my new hand-bleached shirt! You can see my DIY tutorial here if you haven't already. I think its the perfect item to throw on over a dress especially in the British weather. I picked up these sandals in the H&M sale (online) and they are super comfy. They quack like ducks whenever I walk but I don't care, they are the perfect simplistic sandal.
I wouldn't normally pair brown with navy, it's like pairing black and navy, but I think it works ok - anything goes when the suns out!

This gemstone necklace is from - my new favourite jewellery store. It's listed as Opalite/Moonstone and as Opal is my birth stone I thought I should go for this one. Plus I liked the colour and the way it catches in the light. It was so cheap at just £5 but great quality, it reminds me of the fashionology ones.  

I've been embracing my hippy as I've had a very crafty sort of day. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen what me and Alison got up to this afternoon. (I'm considering making a DIY tutorial on how we made them!) We pottered down to our local 'we-sell-everything' sort of store and spent a while oohing and ahhing over the craft items like we were 11 but picked up a few things for a great price.
Uni students with a huge summer holiday have to do something to keep busy!




  1. I really like the bleached shirt, i notice you have a tattoo on your foot, did it really hurt? I want to get one on my foot but I'm nervous of the pain.

  2. Love this :) The shirt is fab! It looks great with the plain casual dress. So pretty, casual, but gorgeous x

  3. i love the way you have styled that dress!
    love your blog! once again such a good post!

  4. lovely post!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  5. Navy goes with everything, it's basically a neutral! You look lovely as always xxx

  6. I love this outfit!! The dress and the sandals are perfect basics and the shirt is brill.

  7. I love this outfit, your shirt looks fab! I think brown and navy go together fine, much better than black and navy! :)

    Frances xx

  8. You look great as always! loving the touch that the necklace gives.

  9. Great outfit! Brown and navy looks great, I love mixing classic colours :) I'd love the dreamcatcher tutorial! xx

  10. Love this outfit! I'm gonna try to bleach a denim shirt! xxx

  11. That dress is lovely, and paired with your bleached jacket it makes it look even more amazing than ever!

  12. Another fab outfit! So perfect for Summer :) xx


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