Monday, 25 June 2012

GlossyBox June

Just a quick GlossyBox review this month as I've yet to use these products but just wanted to give you my first impressions. After all, first impressions mean a lot when it comes to beauty boxes and lifting that lid...

I was excited to receive these Dermalogica products - a Clean Start 3 step kit. I've heard great things about Dermalogica and I'm always keen to try new skincare. I'm currently happy with my skincare routine so I'll be saving this one for the future when I fancy a change or perhaps giving it away as a present to someone looking for new skin products.

Another item I'm very keen to try! Vichy Dermablend are the company that created this amazing video of Rick Genest or 'Zombie Boy' who appeared to be removing his skin to reveal a tattooed body underneath. I was seriously impressed by product and if it can cover tattoos I'm sure it can cover anything!

I have other BM Beauty products and find them to be super pigmented. Almost too pigmented. I'm still happy about receiving this sample I'll just have to be extra careful applying it to my pale skin.

I love this mascara wand! Look at how humongous it is! Another great sample idea - a mini mascara. Lots of bloggers seem to be a fan of this. I've tried this out already and I really like it for a natural look. Although you'd think this wand would give you lots of volume and thickness I find its better for adding a good curl to your lashes. It separates and defines them without adding too much product. Of course, you could add more than one coat for a thicker look.

I wanted to love this brush - and my makeup brush collection is seriously lacking at the moment so I jumped for joy at the sight of a blush brush. Unfortunately its not good quality and although the goat hairs are not sharp they aren't soft either. I also prefer denser shorter bristles for buffing a product into the skin rather than sweeping.

...But not to end on a bad note as I did like June's box. All the products are from brands I've wanted to try out and heard great things about. I'm also a very happy bunny when I get lots of makeup products in my GlossyBoxes and skincare items are a 2nd favourite.
I'm building quite a collection of empty GlossyBoxes now - if you follow my instagram (thisfashionismine) you might have spotted a pic of them all stacked up. I use them mainly for storing jewelley, nail polishes and even my old hair extensions!

Let me know your thoughts on June's box...



  1. Would love to sign up to glossy box but it's too expensive for me:(xx

  2. I loved June's GlossyBox I didn't get the moisturiser but I got HD Brow tweezers instead xx

  3. I did a review on the June Glossybox too, I agree with you on the bronzer - it was way too dark for my skin tone so no good for me, and the foundation completely took me by surprise! xx

  4. I'm so happy I found your blog! Your DIY's are amazing! Keep on working, girl!
    Greetings from Sweden

  5. I didn't know that glossy box was also in UK :)


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