Monday, 4 June 2012

GlossyBox Happy Anniversary!

Can you believe its been a whole year since the first wave of GlossyBox hype hit Youtube and the blogsphere! Well it has, and this month in spirit of their 1st birthday GlossyBox have produced a brilliant box of goodies. I'm really happy with everything I received this month and found the little extras made a real difference. Here's a quick round up of what I got and what I thought...

Lolita Lempicka Perfumes
These two perfumes are lovely. Definitely scents I would choose to wear. The Eau de Parfum more suitable for the evening and nights out and the L'Eau en Blanc perfect for the day time. These sample sizes are also great for throwing in your handbag. £65 for full size100ml.

Apivita Express Beauty Masks
These are beautifully creamy and moisturising! They don't tighten up on the skin or tingle like some masks do but I actually prefer this type of face mask. I used one whole sachet on my face and really wished I hadn't because there was just so much product! Next time I will snip a tiny corner, squeeze out half the product and reseal with some tape. Although these are very luxurious for £3.50 per sachet I might just make a honey and olive oil mixture at home instead!

HD Brows Brow Beater
YES! I was so excited to see this in the box! I love my HD Brows set discovered in a previous GlossyBox so I was very happy to receive another of their products (full size too, if I'm correct.) I've been looking for something to set my brows too and this is just what I needed. You apply it through clean brows with a mascara type wand and leave to set. It's not sticky or rock hard either it just adds a bit of structure to your brows. Using this everyday is supposed to train your brows to always form the shape you desire but we'll have to see about that! Full size £29.95.

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel
This smells heavenly. A really wonderful scent that I'd love to use in the bath, but I find myself putting this into the 'presents box' as I just have too many bath gels as it is. This would make a nice extra gift for someone or a stocking filler at Christmas.

OSMO Berber Oil Hair Treatment
A few months ago I was just curious about hair oils and now I own about five! This one will also be dropping into the presents box as I just have so many on the go at the moment but its not to say its not a wonderful product.
Full size £19.99 for 100ml.

GlossyBox Mirror
A cute surprise in the GlossyBox this month was this double sided mirror! Great quality too and I'm always loosing these things so its nice to have another one for my on-the-go make up bag. Always love extra gifts!

Happy Birthday Glossybox - Congrats on a fantastic year and I hope there's many more to come.
Keep up the good work!

And as always you can sign up for next month's box here.




  1. I'm so jealous! I got the face-mask with pomegrante but I would have preferred the honey one! I really wanted the HD Brows that everyone else seems to have too but I got eyelashes (which are lovely except that I rarely wear falsies!). Looks like you got a great box! Enjoy! Amazing review too!


  2. Amazing review! x


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