Friday, 22 June 2012

DIY Wrap Around Hex Nut Bracelet

This unique friendship style bracelet is made from pieces of fabric cut from an old t-shirt and brass hex nuts. It's easy to make and looks great mixed with lots of other bracelets. You can use whatever type of fabric you like and printed or patterned fabric would make fantastic colourful bracelets. But stretchy cotton found in most t-shirts is the easiest to work with and feels most comfortable on your wrists.

What You Need
Strips of material 
(I cut mine from an old t-shirt)
Small Brass Hex Nuts
Clipboard or flat surface

Cut three strips of material about 40cm long and 2 inches wide. Pull your strips of fabric taught so they stretch out and become thinner. Tie them all together with a knot at one end.

Begin braiding down. Then start adding the brass hex nuts. Slide a small nut on to the outer left strand before crossing it over the middle strand. Hold it in place. Slide a second hex nut onto the outer right strand before crossing this over the middle strand. Carry on braiding adding a hex nut each time.

After you have added as many nuts as you like - braid without them all the way to the end. You should have a longer length of braiding after the hex nuts. This forms the wrap around section of the bracelet.

Test the bracelet for length around your wrist. It should wrap around twice and have room to tie a knot. Knot the two ends together in the correct place. The stretchy t-shirt material means you can pull your wrap around bracelet on and off without having to undo the knot.


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  1. Ooh I love this! It's such a simple idea but it looks really good :) I need to buy some of those hex nuts!

    Frances xx

  2. Your such a DIY genius lol xx

  3. I LOVE all your DIYs! Genius idea!

  4. They look so cool!


  5. these are so cute - I'll definitely have to try this x

  6. These look soooo nice! I love the colours you chose. Definitely something to try :) xx

  7. these are really good! :)x

  8. Really lovely DIY, deffo one to try out!

  9. what a great idea! I really want the look of having loads of coloured bracelets on my wrist but can't afford it! Will have to get started on your DIYs!

    karen joanne xx

  10. I love this so much! Definitely going to do this myself!

  11. LOVE your DIY's they are really good!

  12. Thanks for the beautiful DIY…It’s a durable one…Will definitely try out this Sunday…And wish could gift 3-4 to my dear ones before this Christmas…
    Hex Nuts


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