Friday, 1 June 2012

DIY Hair Chalks

For anyone who has not seen this novel idea before, you can use regular chalk pastels bought from any art supplies or stationary shop to add colour to your hair for a non-permanent bright and bold look!

There are tons of tutorials around on YouTube about hair chalking so I dug around in my old art draw and pulled out a few boxes of coloured chalk pastels and decided to give it a go myself. I was actually really surprised and pleased with the results and its great for a one-off special event or even for music festivals. The chalk just washes out of your hair with shampoo meaning you can keep your coloured tips for as long as you like before washing them out.

I'm going to show you how I did it, and give you a few top tips of my own...

What You Need

Colourful Soft Chalk Pastels 
(not oil pastels)
Clean Hair
and about 30 minutes.

How To Do It Yourself

Start with clean dry hair. The chalk can stain your hands and it gets very messy so I'd advise you to put your gloves on now. Also have a damp cloth near by to wipe your fingers on between colours.
I used a bright pink, violet, turquoise and blue. Wet the chalk slightly by dipping it in water, choose your strand of hair (not too thick!) and apply the chalk to the strand. You should rub the chalk on in one direction - downwards. You need to press quite firmly against your hair supporting with your fingers. This is where it gets messy. Keep the chalk damp it helps the colour to transfer. Keep going over that strand until your happy.

Then you can move on to another colour! Choose another section of hair and repeat. I found when I first experimented the colour green stuck into my hair and slightly stained it even after washing. This is why I haven't gone for green this time but the turquoise shade will probably do the same thing. It just means a few extra washes to get it all out. I wouldn't recommend doing this a few days before an important formal event unless you don't mind having multi coloured hair. Don't worry - it does all wash out eventually!

After applying all your desired colours let the ends of your hair dry - and then style them however you like! I find the heat of the straighteners or curling wand helps to set in the colour too. I've not experienced any 'fall out' of colour on to my clothes which I was pleasantly surprised about. Once the colour has dried in your hair it wont rub off between your fingers either. You can even gently brush through it.
I think the coloured tips also look great in a casual up-do....

Enjoy getting messy with chalk pastels! This is a fun one-day look that you can experiment with. If I was going to any festivals this year I'd be throwing a box of chalks into my bag and getting everyone involved!
You can choose just to use one colour. I think the pink worked really well in my medium blonde hair so in the future I can see myself just using the pink chalk to create a dip dyed effect.
I've seen this work really well on dark hair too. The water really helps to transfer the colour across so if you have dark hair just be sure to keep your hair damp and have patience. 


If you'd like to see more DIY tutorials by Gwen McMullin just click on the DIY tab at the top of the homepage.


  1. I've been loving all of your blog posts lately! They're all so creative and inspiring! You're definitely one of my favourite bloggers!

  2. I really want to try this and just had a dig around my art supplies- I've only got oil pastels! I must go and buy some, it looks great :)

  3. do i need to say how awesome ur blog is???

  4. Times like this I wish I had lighter hair, I tried this a few months ago but the chalk just wasn't vibrant enough against my dark hair :(

  5. that looks fantastic. I love it. great blog!!!

  6. i've heard that in july l'oreal are bringing out some sort of item to give this effect, with similar colours too, but until then i've been searching for other ways to add a bit of colour to my hair! so thank you so much for this, it's a really great idea and i'm gona be trying it really soon! x

  7. i have seen this for a while
    and scared to do it might
    try it this summer ♥

  8. love this! It looks especially cute in that bun!

  9. It looks so amazing on you!

  10. That's really clever, never would have thought of it!

  11. So amazing! Your hair looked great with the colors you chose!

  12. It looks awesome, Definitely going to be trying this!

  13. great DIY!
    that is awesome i will have to try it :)

  14. we are definitely doing this and DIYing some galaxy tees for the Kaskade concert we're going to


  15. i want!! but my brunet hair nope :/

  16. This is such a great tip but unfortunately my hair is darker than yours :(x

  17. Thankyou! I bought some of these at a fantasy fair, but it was a disaster! This is a very handy method! Thankyou!(:


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