Sunday, 27 May 2012

Stars and Stripes

White Slouch Vest - H&M
American Flag Shorts - Glamorous
Black Cycle Shorts - River Island
White Pumps - Primark
Sunglasses - H&M
Jewellery - Galibardy, Etsy, RI, H&M

This sunny weather is getting me in the mood for my holiday to the US in August! I'll be visiting my sister in DC for a week and then flying to California for a week. I'm certainly taking these American flag denim shorts with me! You might have spotted them already on my Instagram (@thisfashionismine).
They were kindly sent to me from and I love them. Ever since spotting the Topshop flag shorts out I've wanted a pair, but these are so much better value for money at £23.99. 
They are super soft and stretchy - perfect for festivals, bbqs, or picnics. I paired mine with these black cycle shorts for an added bit of length as I was just mooching around the garden and popping to the shops today. 
Glamorous also have a free shipping offer on right now until the end of May so order quick!

I have now completely finished my first year at Uni! Its gone so fast I've hardly had time to reflect on how its gone. But I can't wait to get back in September and I'm brimming with photography ideas so I'm pretty sure I'm enjoying my degree.
This time off does mean however that I have loads more time for blogging! If you enjoy reading my blog and want to show me some love I'd be honoured if you wanted to nominate me in the Cosmo Blog Awards under the established fashion blog category! Its a very quick process, I'm picking my faves to nominate right now....



  1. love the outift, so jealous of your holiday to America!

  2. I love these shorts! They're perfect for this weekend as it's Memorial Day Weekend in the US!

  3. Aaaahhhh I want those American flag shorts soo bad! I think I'm going to make them out of this old American flag bandana I have.

  4. I love how you've layered the cycle shorts underneath :) x

  5. Amazing outfit, I'm in love ith your shorts <3
    I've followed you ;>


  6. love your shorts so much xxx


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