Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New Buys...

Bandeau Tops - New Look £3.99
Trainers - New Look £9.99

Shopping for other people always turns into shopping for myself. I was wandering around New Look yesterday hoping to be inspired to buy birthday presents and instead found myself with three new items all for me.
A few weeks ago I bought a backless shirt and wanted a nice bra/bralet/bandeau to wear underneath. Initially I had been looking for a stripy one but when I saw this aztec print I couldn't resist. Good job they were fairly cheap. New Look has loads of these in at the moment in all different colours.

I also couldn't decide if these shoes were too hipster for my own good but decide that with the right outfit they won't look quite as obviously 'on trend' as they are. I actually love the colours and the dull pink stripe that runs around the rubber is very similar to converse and such a nice touch. Plus they were so cheap!

I also found some amazing chunky flatform pumps in grey but unfortunately they didn't have my size. The guy I spoke to was so lovely and checked everywhere in store for me before offering my a (albeit hideous) alternative. I politely told him I'd check online instead! Which is exactly what I did, and they are now in the post on their way to me! I'll let you know how the flatforms turn out, I'm still semi-conscious they look ridiculous on my large feet.



  1. I love the aztec bandeau! I don't think they had this one in when I went in for one a couple of weeks ago, I will definitely have to go back and have a look :)

    Frances xx


  2. ooh, i love the stripey bandeau- i've been looking for one like that for ages! do you mind if i ask what the sizing is like? coz they come in s/m/l right? i'm worried if i order the small i won't be able to fit it around my arm haha! thank you :) x

  3. Great buys! I love the aztec bandeau!

  4. I haven't been into New Look in too long! Love these trainers, they'll look great with a simple leggings/over sized tee combo or something


  5. Ooo I was wondering where I could buy some bandeau's the other day so thank you for posting about them! I love the Aztec one :)


  6. Those trainers are amaze!!!

    Love your blog :) I live in greater Manchester too!!!!!




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