Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hermes Inspired Bag

Hermes Constance 'Inspired' Bag - eBay £10.60

I love finding look-a-like designer items, especially bags. Vipxo helped me along with this one, I spotted it on her blog first and knew I had to have one! They come in a variety of colours too; the bright orange is next on my wish list. I'm really impressed with the quality and how alike it is to the real thing. Its exactly the same size and shape and the shiny gold H is sturdy and doesn't feel like its going to fall off.
The seller (linked above) also has many other designer inspired bags in their ebay store so I'd recommend checking them out too.




  1. Gorgeous bag!! I love it AND £10.60 wowsies xx


  2. lovee your bag soo pretty ♥


  3. Wow this is amazing for ebay. It looks so real! I think this is a really chic style and so adaptable with outfits. Love it ! :o) x

  4. Such a gorgeous bag! Looks amazing, and the photographs you took of it are of course stunning.

  5. Lovely bag, this is why ebay is so so good ;) x

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