Sunday, 1 April 2012


The people at contacted me a few days ago to tell me about their fantastic new site made for sharing fashion images and inspiration. If you've ever explored Pinterest you may be familiar with this concept. As much as I love scrolling through Pinterest I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with the amount there that I'm not really interested in. StyleSaint is a place just for fashion. 

As a student photographer with a huge interest in fashion I've found the idea of collecting images from all over the web (or tearing from other users on StyleSaint) to be so helpful in terms of getting my thoughts and ideas together. If I see a photograph or set of images I like I can tear them to my own StyleFeed for future reference. The same goes for an outfit that might catch my eye. I tend to tear images from Tumblr or fashion blogs.

StyleSaint aims to give credit to the original source of the image linking back to exactly where you found it. You can even put together your own StyleBooks and fill them with whatever you want. I may use StyleBooks for things such as 'Spring/Summer 2012 Inspiration' or even narrow them down to current trends 'Denim' or 'Pastels'.

At the moment StyleSaint is in private beta and invite only - but you can apply for an invite by entering your email address on the home screen. You can check out my personal StyleFeed here and follow me for updates about what I'm currently loving.

*I've not been asked to write this review nor am I being paid or under any obligations from the people at StyleSaint. I simply felt I had to share this website with people and express how excited I am about using it!



  1. congrats on the photoshoot

  2. very cool, congrats :)
    I will definitely check out the site

    MK Style Diaries

  3. This article is so beautiful! Thank you again for all the love- it means more to me than you know and I'm so thankful for your support. You're freakin' awesome.

    xo/Saint Allison


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