Friday, 20 April 2012

New Buys

Dress £13.00 
Skirt £10.00
both Primark

I only popped in to Primark for a few minutes the other day but I was so surprised at how many beautiful dresses they had in stock. I love these mirror image prints (does this print have a proper name?) and even though I'm 90% sure I'll never have an occasion to where this knee length pencil skirt, I bought it anyway. The design is just so beautiful if I find I'm not getting any wear out of it I'll just hem it 3 inches shorter.
The dress comes to mid-thigh which is the perfect length for me. I'm sure I'll be wearing this on the next night out. This type of high neckline and bold print doesn't need any jewellery, maybe some simple gold bangles on one wrist will do.

I'm glad I tried these on first, the skirt is high waisted and I bought it in a size 8 (and its still a little loose around my stomach but I'm sure with a top tucked in it will be fine) but I had to get a size 12 in the dress as its super super tights and I could hardly get in to the 10. They also have this style in a pastel lilac, lemon yellow and pale mint green. I might have to go back for more....

I'm being very good about new clothes and storing lots of spring/summer items in a box for the warmer weather. I have a habit of wearing new things the very next day but I'm holding back and I've now got a little collection of summer items that I can whip out on the right occasion.

Has anyone else had any brilliant Primark finds recently?



  1. I love that dress!! Reminds me so much of the Versace x H&M line.

  2. These both very much resemble the H&M Versace line! Love them, especially the dress, can't believe they are from Primark!


  3. Wow, i wouldnt of guessed they are from primark. i love the dress especially x

  4. wow! These are beautiful :) I've been loving primark recently, although the prices have gone up i think the pieces are nicer. I love your blog! xoxo

  5. I abs. love these! need to go to Primark asap xx

  6. Primark has upped their product quality and design so much! I need to go very soon xx

  7. Really like this print for summer! x

  8. I can't believe there from primark, there lovely! I'm a big fan of prints, I really like the prints mary katrantzou does for her collections, sadly can't afford them tho :( aha! I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for this next time I'm at my local primark, hope they have them in x

  9. Love this print! Can't believe you found it in Primark :) I just found those grey and black asymmetric skirts everyones been talking about :)! Finally got some in my size and there wasn't even a queue in Primark! Brilliant :)xxx

  10. I've kind of been avoiding Primark as I've not found anything I like in a while but these are gorgeous finds! I must get the pencil skirt, definitely popping in this weekend!

  11. love the prints of these, I just got some floral shorts which I LOVE. They're on my blog today teamed with my new Marni heels (aghhh love them)



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