Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lilac Jewelled Nails

These nails were based on an earlier design I did with black and gold, and you can see that here! I wanted something fresher for Spring so went for a pastel colour with silver glitter and matching rhinestones. They look great teamed with a very simple all black outfit. Here's how I did it...

My base colour is Revlon's Lilac Pastelle 185 and I applied two coats of this letting it dry completely. I then used a clear top coat just on the tips of each nail before sprinkling fine silver glitter on to the tips. I created a gradient effect with the glitter as shown below....

This looks great as it is so you could finish off with a coat of clear nail polish here or carry on to add some rhinestones. Applying a thick coat of clear polish, and picking my gems up using a pencil with a blob of blue-tack attached, I dotted purple and silver gems in random areas of the nail. Grouping together a few gems while others floated free. The gems stick in the wet clear top coat and dry stuck to your nail.

When everything is dry, apply one or two more coats of clear polish to set everything in! And you're done!



  1. they are amazing! Love them! x

  2. I love love LOVE, these nails. I think I need to splash out on some Rhinestones and attempt to recreate this look! Thanks for the inspiration :) x

  3. beautiful nails! they are gorgeous!

  4. I love these, I'm now feeling really experimental with my nails!


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