Saturday, 10 March 2012

DIY Lilac Dip Dye Hair

The dipdye/ombre trend is everywhere at the moment. But to freshen up the look for Spring, why not add some colour? I wanted a non-permanent solution to this look, and decided to self dye some old hair extensions. This way, I can clip in the coloured tips any time I like and remove them when I'm bored.
If you'd like to try this out for yourself then keep reading as I've put together a guide on how you can dip dye your own hair extensions... 

What You Will Need:

set of hair extensions 
(mine is the colour 'Lilac' from Directions)
tint brush
old towel
gloves (optional)

My hair extensions were a cheap set from ebay and originally a much lighter blonde. I dyed them to match my current hair colour, leaving the tips the original light blonde shade. If you have dark hair, it might be wise to pre-lighten or bleach the tips of your hair extensions. I don't know the best way of doing this so search around for tips and tricks and be aware that this will damage the condition of your extensions in the same way it would your own hair. Directions coloured semi-permanent dyes are brilliant over most hair shades, but if you have dark brown or black hair and want to achieve a light purple colour like mine, a pre-lighten will be necessary. You can buy all different shades of Directions on ebay here with free delivery.
Lay out all your equipment before you start. I used an old towel to protect the floor and lay the ends of my extensions on regular kitchen tinfoil...

Start to apply the dye with your tint brush (you can get one in Superdrug or Boots for a few pounds.) Dye as much of the tips as you like. I covered about one quarter of the whole length of hair in Lilac dye. Blend the colour out a little into the rest of the hair so you don't end up with one straight line.
Turn the sections of hair over and apply the dye to the other side. This ensures full coverage of the tips and no odd missed-out sections.

The tub says leave for 15 mins. I left mine for 25 minutes. For darker hair colours, I'd suggest leaving it for up to an hour. After this time is up, rinse out the dye in luke-warm water. You can add a little conditioner to the tips and then rinse this out too. Leave to dry overnight - do not attempt to blow dry your hair extensions, let them dry naturally.

Style your new hair extensions in whichever way you like. Mine are actually a bit too short for my natural hair now, but if yours are adding some length to your hair you will achieve much more of a dip-dye effect.
I'd consider adding some pink in the future and go for a Lauren Conrad style tip dye!

Leather Jacket - Peacocks
Galaxy Cross Tee - DIY 
Lipstick - MAC Snob
Nails - Pastel Pink from Primark

If you enjoyed reading this DIY tutorial let me know in the comments, I love putting together how-to guides and I appreciate your feedback. What would you like to see next?




  1. You really suit your hair like this. Beautiful xxx

  2. It looks amazing, really suits you!

  3. I had my hair dip-dyed lilac before Christmas and I loved it! Such a cool idea to use extensions though - helps avoid the awkward fading stage! Haha!

    Ellen xx

  4. they look great, a cool idea so you don't have to damage your own hair! xo

  5. Looks very pretty and would you recommend the primark polishes? <3 xx

  6. i just found your blog, it's amazing! i love your DIY's! I want more :D
    i'm so gonna read your blog in the future! greetings from finland! ;)

  7. wish i could do that! i would like to see some nail art :-)

  8. Thankyou so much!! I cant believe i never thought to use extensions! xxx

  9. Thanks for this, it's given me a few ideas! I've been wanting to dip dye my own hair for a while, and those dyes look pretty cool :) I also didn't know about the brushes from Superdrug.
    I quite like all your guides and stuff, they're good to read!

  10. Wow, this looks so cool!

  11. I have been wanting this look forever! Im not so sure how it would look with brunette hair though. Looks so good on you though!

  12. great idea..
    and good job..
    i love it

  13. i love this so much! I've been wanting to try this but didnt want to use anymore dye on my hair at the moment - the tips are so dry and ruined. I never thought of extensions, this is a good idea! Desperate to try this! xxx

  14. they look amazing! didn't even think to get extensions on ebay! will have to try this now xxx

  15. Eeee your hair looks brill, such a good solution to not being stuck with permanent purple tips!!

  16. I love this idea - really cool. You could have a different colour every day?

    Debs x

  17. This looks awesome! Smart of you to use extensions so that it's hassle free when you get bored of them!

  18. Gorgeous look! I have wanted to try this trend for the longest time, I never even thought about dyeing extensions. Great idea :)

    MK Style Diaries

  19. Looks Lovely :) I want to dip dye my blonde but thinking of getting these instead - as I'd love longer hair too!

  20. I loved this look so i tried it in a different way. It's on my blog

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  22. I tried it with my hair, but I didn't bleach so you couldn't notice :(

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