Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Shadows and Silhouettes

Heart Print Dress - H&M
Cardigan- New Look
Boots - Doc Martens
Cross Necklace - Etsy
Paper Boats Necklace - Galibardy
Watch - Urban Outfitters
Nails - Models Own Utopia with Juicy Jules

The weather in the UK right now is crazy. Its freezing cold outside (this morning -1°C) but its beautifully sunny. I added a chunky knit scarf, gloves and a parka before going out. The sun was beaming through my window this afternoon, as you can see. But I didn't want to miss an outfit opportunity and quite like the strong shadows and warm light. It definitely makes for an alternative outfit-of-the-day.

You can see me wearing this dress here - but I prefer wearing it open due to the gaping button problem and I've even put a simple black body-con skirt underneath because I'm a little paranoid its too short. The cardigan is last years sale and I love it. Its a very slouchy boyfriend-fit which I think slobs down any posher outfit. I'm planning on doing a more in-depth post about my new Galibardy jewellery and a little review on their website, but this origami boat necklace is so cute. I also have the paper planes version. 

My DMs are my go-to boots when its this cold and icy outside. Add a pair of leggings/tights/skinny jeans and you have my 'January outfit'. I'm actually looking forward to some warmer weather so I can ditch the huge coat and the outside world can see what clothes I'm wearing. 

I'm addicted to this song by Gotye at the moment and often go to bed with it playing in my head and wake up with it still there. If you've not heard it, be warned - its catchy. 



  1. I love this outfit. I know exactly what you mean about the weather, I'm right by the thames at the moment and I'm wishing I wore my DM's! xx

  2. You look lovely - the dress is really pretty! x

  3. I think you may be my new fashion crush. I love everything about this outfit, and I would KILL for your hair!

  4. I love your dress and nails. very pretty :)

  5. loving your cardigan and dress!

  6. I really like the shadows in these photos, very interesting! Such a sweet outfit, love the dress and the DM's are just right to toughen it all up a bit, and obviously keep you warm in this insanely cold weather!


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