Friday, 3 February 2012

Hunter Wellies

Short Hunter Wellies in Pewter
Tweed Coat - New Look
Black Leggings - H&M
Scarf - H&M

I've wanted a pair of Hunter Wellies since last years festival season. But the huge price tag has always put me off a little. These short ones retail at £65.00 but I stumbled across them at a bargain price on for just £35. I already had a £10 voucher code for their website (you get one each time a friend makes a purchase from your recommendation) so really I got these beats for just £25!

I'd recommend their website, they have a new designer sale almost everyday and you can pick up some amazing clothes, shoes and bags for cheap. The delivery takes ages though, I didn't wait too long for these wellies, but on average they take 2-4 weeks to even ship your item.

They're super comfy and strong sturdy wellies which should last a lifetime - I've already taken them out on a walk to splash through puddles! We're due some snow up here in Manchester so I think I'll be getting some good use out of them soon enough. I'm also hoping to wear them lots in the Summer with bare legs and shorts for outdoor activities, festivals, long walks - that sort of thing. I quite like the shorter style, they come up at just below calf length which is plenty tall enough for me. And the colour is a little more unique than plain black ones.

Looking forward to a takeaway tonight in front of Come Dine With Me (I know one of the contestants!) and then popping out for a drink to celebrate my friend's birthday! Enjoy your weekends girls.



  1. The Hunter wellies are so worth buying. Love your outfit. ♥

  2. I really want a pair but I bought a friend a pair of tall ones for her birthday so I didnt want to 'copy' her, the short ones should be a nice alternative though!
    Love the outfit I imagine its as freezing in Manchester as it is over here at the moment


  3. Oh I really hope it doesn't snow in Manc, the cold is hard enough to bare!

    Hunter wellies are amazing, my mum is a vet so needs good wellies and she swears by them! Not just for festival goers xxx

  4. Such a bargain! You look so good, what a perfect outfit. Your hair (as always!) is gorgeous xxx

  5. Love these - I really need a pair of wellies but they are the one thing I am a bit of a snob about and I really want Hunter ones. and what a bargain!

  6. You look so sweet and cosy in this outfit!! I love hunters, they're just so classic and I agree that they will probably last a lifetime (or a very long time at least) £35 is a great price, I actually really like the shorter style I think it's very feminine!

  7. your coast looks so lovely! i really want one now! are there any on ebay do you know? xx

  8. Great ourfit, love the shoes ! You lokk stunning btw ! xx

  9. Really love your coat! On the hunt now for one like it haha xx


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