Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Glossybox February

My Monday mornings are always enlightened by the arrival of a Glossybox. This months selection includes...

imPress Press on Manicure 
The company describe it as 'revolutionary nail technology' stating 'THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING' on their packaging. Is it just me or have press on false nails been around for, well forever? I won't be using these unfortunately, I have sworn never to use false nails again after the damage they cause my real nails and I'm working hard to grow my own. The black shade is fine, classic and something I would choose to wear - but these are going in my 'gift box' box. Plus I've never heard great things about pre-glued nails but if anyone had tried them out then let me know!

Paul Mitchell Hair Styling Treatment Oil
Glossybox are putting another hair oil in this months box but rightly so. Hair oils are huge right now and personally I'm interested in trying out lots of different brands. This one is thicker in consistency to Loreal's Mythic Oil but works in a similar way. Doesn't weigh down the hair and makes it lovely and soft.
Well done to Glossybox for seeing the interest in hair oils and providing samples in their boxes.

Invigorate Shower Gel
I was not impressed with yet another shower gel. It's hard to get excited over shower gel.

DuWop Venom Gloss in 'Buttercup'
I'm not a big fan of lipglosses but I immediatley liked the colour of this one. A pale pink-nude that comes out quite sheer on the lips. Its sticky to begin with but softens up and moisturises quite well. Will be nice to wear over lipsticks like Hue or just on its own for an added shine.

BM Beauty Eyeshadow in 'Dusty Road'
I love this shade - a shimmery gold (a bit lighter than appears in the photo) which looks great for building up over other shadows for a night out or wear alone for a more subtle day look. The pot of product is small but will last a long time.

After last months success I feel a little bit disappointed - only really liking 2 of the 5 products.
Glossybox also included a card advertising next month's 'mystery box' - I'm not quite sure how it will work seen as though the items inside each month's box are supposed to be a secret anyway... but we can find out on 24th February here.
What do you girls think of this month's box? Will you be staying subbed for the Mystery March Box or giving up on Glossybox?



  1. I got a slightly different combination of products in my Glossy Box this month, but I agree that it was a disappointing box. Instead of the shower gel, I got a moisturiser which I'd already received in a previous box - very annoyed about that! I've been thinking about cancelling my subscription for a while, and this box has definitely prompted me to cancel!

    Gillian x

  2. I've always been interested in glossybox but have seen so many mixed reactions to it that I have been put off!

  3. This month didn't excite me from glossybox none of the products are good!

  4. I got the impress nails and mine were patterned and have to say they go on like stickers rather than using a harsh adhesive and I love them. I usually adore painting my nails and would never opt for anything false but I really love how they look and feel :)


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