Thursday, 2 February 2012

Barry M Croc Effects

*NEW* Barry M Croc Effects Nail Paint - £3.99

I saw this new Barry M effects polish a few days ago in Company Magazine and was amazed that Barry M had yet again produced another amazing polish and found a new way for polish to crack. Very clever. The next day I went into Boots but couldn't find it anywhere - I started to think I had dreamt it. But as I was popping through Superdrug this morning I spotted a whole shelf full! 

It works in the same way as the shatter polishes, paint on your base coat (I used Models Own Utopia) and when dry, paint a thin coat over the nail and wait with baited breath for the design to appear!
The main difference is that this Croc Effects takes ages to start appearing. At one point I almost thought I'd been cheated out of my £3.99 because nothing was happening. You have to wait a good 3-4 minutes (when the polish is almost completely dry) for the 'croc skin' to appear.

I'm impressed with the formula, its a thin liquid which is very easy to apply and very pigmented. This means three careful swipes across my nail leaves a deep black solid application. I found the original shatter polishes to be thicker in consistency, a little dull or even dark grey in colour. 
I'd have liked the effect to have spread across my nail even more to reveal the polish underneath. I'd suggest using a very bright bold colour for the pattern to really stand out. My nude base works okay but its not very eye catching. From far away the nails just look black. I think it would look great over a bright green polish, so I'm going to try that out next!

Has anyone else tried the Croc Effects Nail Paint?



  1. I will definatly be trying this! I've been wanting to try the shatter polishes for a while but my nails are never long enough but now I'm growing them I can't wait to try it out!! xxx

  2. Wow, that looks fab. If you do it with the bright green, please post it - I think it will look amazing!

  3. This looks awesome! Might have to get some!

  4. This is lovely, i agree the original crackle was very dull, its looked a little bit scruffy if i wore it for more than a day,
    but this version is so much nicer!
    Id love to see it over green :)


  5. This looks amazing! I agree with the crackle, Ive only worn it the once.
    Will definitely be trying this one out though. x

  6. I've been looking around for this, but never seen it in my local boots. :( It looks great and I may have to branch out in my make-up shopping to get hold of some.
    I have the cracking stuff already but it always breaks off in a couple of days.

  7. I do quite like my crackle polish and I really like the look of this, not sure if it's for me though?! I like it with the nude, nice and classic but would love to see it with a bright green too!

  8. ahhh no but I want to now!! xx

  9. I saw that in company but was a little suspicious to if it would actually work as each nail on the picture was exactly the same (photoshopped!) but it does look really good :) x


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