Thursday, 12 January 2012

What I Wear to the Gym

Leggings - H&M 
Nike Tshirt - Sports Direct 
Reebok Dry Fit Tee - Sports Direct 
Trainers - Ebay
Yoga Mat - Pineapple

I bought a few new gym items today so I thought I'd share them with you guys. I've recently started Pilates classes and they are going really well so I needed a few new tops dedicated for fitness classes so I don't keep wearing my regular t-shirts. Sports Direct always have a HUGE sale in January (last year I picked up a running top and swimming costume) so I popped in again today and got a fairly good deal.
I always feel so lost in the Manchester Arndale store and most things are up on the walls 8 feet off the ground and I get lost just looking for the tills.

I prefer to wear stretchy leggings rather than sweat pants or tracksuit bottoms and these ones are from H&M. They were £7.99 and they are fairly thick so no issues about everyone knowing what underwear I'm wearing.

I bought these trainers in the summer after going running with friends in crappy Primark pumps for a few weeks. What an idiot. They were so flat my feet were slapping against the ground really hard and after every run I'd have aching ankles. I knew I needed to invest in some proper running trainers but I didn't want to fork out for brand new ones. I got these on ebay 'only worn once' and when they arrived they looked brand new. I don't go out running in these colder months but I still get use out of my trainers for indoor fitness.
I've also had the bright pink yoga mat for years and years. I bought it when I was about 14 along with a 'at home yoga' book which I think I've used twice. Hah! But its a great quality one and hopefully I'll get a bit more use out of it now.

I'm popping along to a Boxercise class tomorrow, which I've never done before, does anyone have any idea what its like? My Pilates class by the way, is amazing. Its actually a mixture of Thai Chi, Yoga and Pilates and it works every inch of muscle. You don't get all out of breath, but you do sweat. Afterwards I always feel so relaxed, peaceful and ready for a nap! I'd recommend it to anyone.




  1. I've been thinking about joining the gym and starting running so this post has actually been really helpful to me to see what to wear! A pair of trainers are going to have to be my first purchase, don't think converse are going to do my ankles any good.

  2. I really need to get some new gym wear as I currently look like an 80's movie extra in mine! Who says you can't look good whilst working out ;)

  3. really like fitness posts! and i find it really interesting to see what people wear to the gym.. i follow you on twitter now aswell hope thats ok.. looking for bloggers to follow ..x

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