Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tiny Hearts

Shirt Dress - H&M
Jumper - New Look
Belt - H&M
Lipstick - Mac Snob

This dress is not something I would normally wear - the tea dress style and tiny heart print is different from anything else I own but I really like it. I think with my hair up and the shape of the dress I look ready for a day in beauty school so I threw a jumper over the top for a more casual look. The problem I have with it, being a shirt, the buttons are quite far apart and it tends to gape a little at the chest. I don't even have much of a chest so it seems a bit silly that I should have this issue, and it didn't do it in the fitting rooms so I think it depends on the bra I'm wearing. For any bigger boobed ladies, I'd suggest to try these on before buying! H&M also have these in a deer print, polka dots and a bird print.

I handed my assignment in today and turned in my essay online last night so that's a huge weight off my mind! Just a final presentation to go (next Tue) and then I can completely turn my attention on to the next project.
I do actually enjoy Uni work and education in general but these past 3 months I seem to have been dragging these three projects around with me and I'm excited to start something new.

I have so many ideas for blog posts at the moment but it's hard finding time to get them done. By the time I get home from Uni  (or wake up) its usually too dark outside to take decent photographs. But, coming soon is..
2011 Wardrobe Favourites - all the best pieces I bought in 2011, my most worn and most loved.




  1. love the colour of your jumper! :) and good luck with your presentation on tuesday.


  2. cute dress! n i agree with uni's work, i used to enjoy doing them but if it is thrown all at once i gets hectic.

  3. Cute dress, I spotted the bird print one in H&M the other day. I'm very tempted!

    Chelsea x

  4. I REALLY like this on you! Infact you've made me want to head onto h&m's website right now!


  5. lovely dress, i've got the top of it from h&m, such a cute print. love the jumper you've paired it with too! xx

  6. This is such a cute look, and I absolutely love the colour of that jumper. You look great x

  7. I love this look, especially how you wore a jumper over it. I will definitely have a look at these when I go into h&m :)



  8. Sweet outfit! <3 love the jumper over the dress look :)

  9. Lovely outfit. I love your hair up like that too :) You look gorgeous!
    That sweater is perfect.

  10. Gorgeous dress, it looks totally fab with that jumper over too :)
    I adore your hair like that too xx

  11. You look so lovely, such a sweet dress and I love it paired with the jumper. Your hair looks lovely up like this too!

  12. sweater over dress rock forever! good colour too

    xo katrina

  13. Great outfit!! Love the sweater over the dress:)Xx


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