Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Personalised Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle - Latest Edition - £89.00
Custom Gelaskin - £15.00

I'd been admiring the Kindle for a while - both my parents and sister have one of the originals (with the keyboard) and although I loved the idea of having hundreds of books stored in one place, I wasn't too keen on the dark grey colour with unnecessary full keyboard. And yes, the Kindle is not just about aesthetic qualities (after all its not a Apple creation) but I decided I didn't want to spend over £100 on an e-reader I didn't like the look of.
So I was over joyed when the latest Kindle design launched in November - a light silvery grey sleek e-reader with minimal buttons - smaller - lighter but with the same screen size. Perfect.

I actually bought mine in the US over for $79 which came to around £50 instead of the UK price of £89. Saving me nearly £40! If you're lucky enough to have a relation or friend who can bring one over for you from the States its worth it, you'll save a fortune. My sister who lives in Washington was coming home for Christmas so she kindly packed my Kindle in her suitcase and delivered it safely as an early Christmas present.
With the money I saved I bought this amazing stick-on-skin from Gelaskins, finding an image I liked from Pinintrest I made my own custom skin and although it took agesss to arrive, it was well worth the wait. 
I think it adds a personal touch and I'll be proud to pull this out and show it off on the train.

Kindle Review

So what do I actually think of the Kindle? Well, its lighter and thinner than I imagined, its easy to hold and the page turner buttons are well placed, 2 on each side for flipping forwards and backwards. 
My eyes don't feel tired when reading from it like they do after reading through lots of blog posts online. This is due to its specially designed E-Ink display. Read more here.

I found I got through a book much quicker using the Kindle (but that could be down to a great book.) I've recently finished 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro which is brilliant by the way I fully recommend it.
I'm currently reading 'When God Was a Rabbit' by Sarah Winman and having a new toy to read with encourages me to read more often. 

The only problem is that many of the Kindle Books from the Kindle Store are quite expensive. I tend not to spend over £4 on a e-book especially if you're getting through them quite quickly and needing to buy another. There are free e-books available from the Kindle store although not many, and they tend to be classics such as Pride and Prejudice rather than new releases or best sellers.
Amazon's Kindle Store does have daily offers and sales, which is where I picked up 'When God Was a Rabbit' for just £2.99.
But if you're the type of go out and buy a brand new best seller from Waterstones anyway, you'll save yourself a fortune by buying the Kindle edition instead. Every book you buy stays stored on your Amazon account meaning if you loose or break your Kindle, you still have all your books.

You can access the Kindle store straight from your Kindle, mine is WiFi enabled meaning as long as there is an internet connection I can connect to, I'm good to go. Its not great for exploring web pages or blogs (I just found mine for fun!) but its not a computer tablet like the iPad, its an e-reader. 

GelaSkins Review

There are a few online companies out there who produce customised skins for laptops, phones or kindles but Gelaskins really appealled to me. The site is designed beautifully and its very easy to navigate around and use. 
There are loads of designs to choose from, including artwork from various well known artists or you can create your own using a photo, illustration or pattern. I uploaded this birds in the sky image after finding it online and I love the way it looks on my Kindle. I paid $19.95 plus shipping and it all came to about £15.
I'm really impressed with the quality - its basically a big sticker that you place on your Kindle but it can be peeled off again to leave no residue or damage to your Kindle. I received mine in the post this morning and found it really easy to apply and I could peel it off again in places to re-position no problem. No air bubbles either.
But as its being shipped from the US it takes ages to arrive. Mine went past the estimated 20 days (maybe due to Xmas post) but when I contacted the people at Gelaskins they were really helpful and offered to send out another straight away with a faster shipping option. 

Final Thoughts

If you're still on the fence about getting one because your not a 'big reader' then I'd probably encourage you not to buy one. If you don't enjoy reading in the first place the Amazon Kindle will not magically turn you into a bookworm. But if like me you love reading and wish you read more often then the Kindle is for you. Its 10x easier to actually buy books, read reviews, even try out the first chapter for free (which you can't exactly do in a bookshop!) and you can pop it into your bag wherever you go. Delayed train? Get out the Kindle. Doctor's waiting room? Get out the Kindle. Time to yourself in a coffee shop? Kindle. You get the idea.
I'll be carting mine around with me to Uni everyday for those moments where there is nothing else to do but wait around, you may as well be reading a good book!


(I am in no way affiliated with Amazon Kindle or Gelaskins and this post was not sponsored. All opinions are my own.)


  1. Oooh the pattern is so gorgeous! I've been hesitant about kindles because I love books but the idea of a kindle is so convenient! Definitely pick one up in the future :)xxx

  2. I love the picture you chose!

    I had been swithering about a kindle for ages, but I've been borrowing my boyfriend's one a LOT so took it as a sign to buy one. Now I can't wait for it to arrive!

  3. Oh wow these covers are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.. definatley going to buy one :) x

  4. This has helped me so so much. I've been wondering whether to get one or not!!
    X X X

  5. Omg, your kindle looks amazing! It makes mine look so dull haha! I've just got one about 2 weeks ago and I'm really impressed too. I do think that there should be more books aimed towards women that are cheaper/free. I'm reading a book called 'Max', which was free (it isn't now) and I love it. It's a psychological thriller and I really like it! I normally read chick lit so it's a nice change! xxx

  6. This has helped me a lot! I had been on the fence for a while, but I think I'm now swaying towards buying one. Thank you! The design you chose is beautiful xxx

  7. I'm not a big reader but I do spend so much time wishing I was because I enjoy a good book and discussing it with people but I've just never got into the habit of buying books! A kindle sounds like such an easy solution but I just can't decide. Your personalised skin is so pretty, and the sleekness of the new design is so much more desirable, your post has given me a lot to think about regarding getting a kindle!

  8. I love the review and the case, I read a lot but I worry its not worth the money in the long run :/ hmm I think it does eventually, I might get one anyway tbh. Especialy if it helps you read quicker! xxx

  9. Have to tell my sister about this! She's been searching for a nice kindle case for ages x

  10. I just got a kindle for christmas! I am in the market for a case and I am veryyy obsessed with yours.

    You inspired me!! Your blog is fantastic!


  11. wow I love that it looks so much nicer personalized!..x

  12. wow I love that it looks so much nicer personalized!..x

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