Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Favourite Lipsticks

 MAC Snob, MAC Angel, MAC Hue

MAC has to be my all time favourite brand for lipsticks. They are smooth, creamy and smell amazing! But because of the price tag I don't buy them very often. These are three of my favourites, and you'll notice a pattern within my favourite lipsticks, I tend to always wear nudes and pinks...

Snob - built up can look a bit full on, but a nice thin layer gives a great pop of lilac-pink for nights out.
Angel - a perfect light pink, classic and great for everyday. Leaves a nice sheen on the lips.
Hue - a pink-nude which suits all skin types. I wear this so often, especially with a smokey dark eye.

 Rimmel 020 Shake Up Pink, Natural Collection Crimson, Revlon 002 Pink Pout

Shake Up Pink by Rimmel - a matte bright pink great for a shock of colour and smells so fruity!
Crimson by Natural Collection - one of the best classic red lipsticks I've ever found and its so cheap too.
Pink Pout - another matte blue-toned pink, very similar to Snob but a little more natural for everyday wear.

 MAC Snob with Revlon Pink Pout and MAC Angel

What are you're favourites? I'm looking for some new MAC lippies to invest in but I'm always looking for the next best drug store lipstick too...



  1. Mac Creme cup is my absolute fave, i've recently done a quick post about it on my blog :

  2. ooh, lovely collection! I just added some to my 'to buy' list x

  3. i really should get mac angel, the shade looks gorgeous! at the moment my favorite colour is revlon blushing nude which is a brick rose with a hint of brown.



  4. Love this post! Saw hue lipstick in MAC the other day, looks so good! Ended up buying creme d'nude instead :) which is quite good too! I love Revlon's crimson- such a nice red! xxx

  5. Gorgeous collection :)

    My favourite lipsticks at the moment are probably MAC Milan Mode and Dior Addict in Baby Rose (which you might be able to get on cheapsmells a bit cheaper by the way!) xx

  6. MAC Hue has been at the top of my wishlist for ages, really must get round to buying it! All these shades look gorgeous.
    I love wearing red lipsticks, I think MAC Russian Red is my all-time favourite!

    Gillian x

  7. MAC Shy girl is lovely and Ruby Woo is on my wishlist x

  8. I love mac lipsticks but that Revlon one is looking very nice! Also wanting to try the 17 beehive one! That's a cheaper version of hue!

  9. I love Mac too. I usually just wear some light lip gloss, but mac lipstick smells so good!


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