Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fashion Now 2

I love treating myself to an expensive glossy fashion magazine every now and again, but something that lasts even longer are fashion books. If you've ever wandered around the book section in Urban Outfitters wishing you owned every single one, then listen up!

Fashion Now 2 is a A-Z of 160 fashion designers, selected by i-D magazine and was given to me as a birthday present from one of my best friends last year. Its a huge thick heavy book and painful to hold up after a while, so not one for reading in the bath!

Its full of inspiration and ideas, and for anyone that's interested in fashion like myself will love to have a read of this. Being a high-street girl at heart I'm not so clued up on my designers so I found this book really useful, its introduced me to designers I've never heard of before as well as giving me a little more background info on the ones I already love. Each page includes a mini interview with the designers themselves, some gorgeous editorial shoots and occasionally some behind the scenes snaps of the models.

Being a photography student its also ideal for researching fashion photographers, as each photographer is listed next to their image, as well as the stylist that was on set.
For anyone interested in fashion, photography or make-up this book is packed full of beautiful pictures to get your creative brain in gear. You can get it on Amazon.co.uk for about £8.99 so its a bargain price for such a huge book.

Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this one, I have loads of fashion-related reads that I can recommend to anyone wanting to expand their collection!



  1. Yes, post more things like this! I'm going to buy that book now. I have a fashion studio project coming up so this could helps lots!

  2. I have this book, such a good one! Would love to see more posts like this, love fashion books


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  4. I'm a photography student too, and we're always told to go out and buy magazines, but I always find their too focused on either the fashion designers or musicians. Do you know of any mags that focus more on the photographer and their work?

  5. @Emma.W - you could try Advanced Photographer magazine, its one of my favourites and includes loads of articles about various photographers with examples of their work :) x

  6. I bought this book from a local art/fashion bookshop. It's great for inspiration, and it's perfect for the coffee table! xxx

  7. I also have this book, it's full of amazing stuff, and very inspirational. xx

  8. thanks for review, i bought it and can't wait to read! :)


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