Sunday, 11 December 2011

In a Week...

Mocha and Lunch with my Dad / New Hair
Photos in the City / Pentax Mz5N Film Camera / Skies
Manchester Town Hall / Christmas Lights / Glitter Berry J20 / Night Sky



  1. Great great photos girl! i am so glad that i found your blog and that i am the first one commenting, by the way i love your new hair color i think it suits u very much, it gives a sweeter and more mature image than your old one. maybe i am wrong.
    so the pics are great i always thought of visiting manchester it seems such a beautiful city, i would be thrilled if we could email each other or talk and u could provide me with some informations about where to go where to eat what to visit i am really thinking of visiting.
    by the way when will u announce the winners of your giveaway??? i can't wait!!!!!
    by the way i am of course following u
    could u check out my blog
    i know its nothing special i just created it and its still pretty empty but i hope that u will like it as an idea and will check it out occassionally
    greetings from greece.

  2. love your christmas nails - i'm fairly new to blogger so if you could give me some tips to good blogging i'd appreciate it.


  3. Lovely photos, I really do envy your photography skills! :) x

  4. Lovely photos, I love your new hair. I really need to get mine done before Christmas :) x

  5. stunning photos! love the moped haha!

  6. Lovely photos, I am just loving your new hair colour...think I will be using you as inspiration for my colour on wednesday!


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