Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ring Collection

Purple Stone Ring - Ebay
 Three Loop Ring - Unknown
Stud Ring Set - H&M
Cross Double Finger Ring - Urban Outfitters
Cross Ring - Fashionology
Deep Blue Stone Ring - Ebay
Long Turquoise Stone Ring - Primark
Feather Ring - Fashionology
Above the Knuckle Ring - Fashionology
Small Turquoise Stone Ring - Jewellers in Yorkshire
Large Turquoise Stone Ring - H&M
Silver Ridge Ring - Unkown
Skull Ring - Ebay

I did a post featuring my ring collection back in March you can read it here but I've since acquired a few more rings and found myself wearing them much more often. All of the rings above are listed and I've tried to link them up accurately to their place of purchase. Of course, some were given to me as presents and I have no idea where they are from!

I have a big place in my heart for Fashionology jewellery. It may be a little more expensive than say Topshop or H&M but the quality is so much better - the rings are sterling silver, chunky, well made and won't turn your finger green. I like to treat myself on their website every so often, the feather and cross ring arrived the other week.

I've recently discovered an amazing jewellery shop on Ebay, 'eorangehill' who sell beautifully large stone rings in every colour imaginable. They are based in South Korea but my items arrived within a week, nicely wrapped and better than I imagined! 

Urban Outfitters is another favourite place of mine to shop for jewellery. Although, I do sometimes think their stuff can be overpriced for the quality. They constantly update their jewellery range though so I discover something new to lust after every time I go in.

What's your go-to place for jewellery? 



  1. I love the skull ring. The pictures look really good x

  2. You have some absolutely gorgeous rings! I really love the cross ones. I usually go to my local Outfit for jewellery as I can choose between Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge. I also love H&M for jewellery and pretty much everything else! Primark has some lovely ones if you are prepared to look and risk 'green-finger-curse' from the cheapness. Louise x x

  3. such a great ring collection, amazing variety...something for every occasion! I wish I bought more rings, used to buy from H&M but got fed up of them tarnishing so quickly/green fingers and haven't re-bought for a while now!

  4. Amazing collection, I need to do an updated one for sure :) You have some beauts there xo

  5. Love these rings! I normally root around topshop sale for rings because theres always some really nice ones for only £3! And the sizes fit me really well :) for some reason h&m rings always fit me too small which is a shame because they are always so nice!! Probably my fat fingers haha. Lovely post as always!

  6. Such a beautiful collection I'm so jealous! Love fashionology too, so pricey though but I know I won't be able to resist and will eventually splash out! I agree about Urban Outfitters jewellery being way too overpriced, every necklace I have ever bought from them has snapped within a few weeks, it's outrageous! Thanks for the ebay tip, I'm off for a rummage :) x

  7. So beautifully arranged! I love rings but always end up losing them, really need to figure out a good way of storing them. I love the turquoise and cross ones x

  8. Wow! And I thought I owned alot of rings lol! Love the way you have displayed them! Very classy xx :o)

  9. I've only just started getting into rings and have yet to find a store that really sets my heart racing with excitement. I'm a tough customer to please.
    I love the cross rings!

  10. Beautiful rings...great collection!So nice post;):)

  11. great collection, especially love those ones with the green stones <3

  12. Saw this post and bought one of those ebay rings right away! Same as your purple one but in blue, they are gorgeous! Can't wait for it to arrive :D xx

  13. I am envious of all your rings! Eeepp! All those crosses, turquoise, skulls, and studs. It's ring heaven! *faints*



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