Monday, 7 November 2011

November Wishlist

1. Aztec Leggings
These leather look aztec printed leggings are beautiful. I'm considering going into my nearest store to try these on. If I can get away with them during the day time I'll buy them.
2. Gold Sequin Dress
Something for New Years Eve - yes I'm looking already! I want something similar - very sparkly and over the top.
3. Gold Ring
I like this battered metal effect in my jewellery and these long rings are everywhere. Recently made a big order on fashionology for some new rings!
4. OPI Polishes
Bit of a cheat 'wish list' product as I've actually already bought these! I got them at a great price on and after seeing various online swatches I can't wait for them to arrive. Perfect for winter.
5. Thanx Jumper
A great one to wear on Christmas Day perhaps? Whilst being given lots of presents.
6. Stackable Letter Rings
I love these and I want at least 3 or 4 to wear all at once, but at £8 each they're pretty pricey, so I'm hoping Urbs will put them in the sale.
7. Turquoise Stone Cuff
Any chunky jewellery with turquoise stones and its mine. This one is currently on sale at Topshop, down from £120!
8. Chanel Inspired Bag
You can get this here on ebay. There are a few sellers with different varieties so have a look around. This might have to do until I can afford the real thing. 
9. Combined Dress
WANT this dress so much, its a heavy sequined embellished skirt with a light sheer black shirt on top. 



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  2. i love those aztec leggings! also i've had my eye on those stackable rings from UO for ages - they're so nice!

  3. I love the Zara dress, it's beautiful! x

  4. There's so much sparkle I absolutely love it! My favorite is definitely the gold sequin dress, which I definitely thought would make the perfect New Year's dress before I read your description. Looks like a great wish list to me and I'll definitely be adding most of those items to mine!

  5. Too many gorgeous items in this wishlist I want them all, esp the topshop jumper and Opi polish :)

    L x

  6. Omgosh, i love that ZARA dress, shame my local store is rubbish and i can never find anything in there.


  7. I think that sequined dress and I become close friends! I love it all.


  8. i have so much love for a lot of this....the OMG ring for a start, plus you really can't go wrong with a sequin dress! x


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