Friday, 25 November 2011

New Buys...

Silver Grey Jumper - H&M £14.99
Brown Bobble Hat - Topshop £14.00
Fur Hat - Primark £3.50
Black Belt - H&M £7.99
Powdered Blusher - Topshop £6.00

I went shopping with one of my best friends today, and I always end up spending money when I'm with her! I also got some Christmas presents (not included here) so not everything I bought is for me!

This sparkly silver/grey jumper is ten times nicer in real life, its perfect for those relaxed Christmas parties or family gatherings. I'm planning on wearing it to one coming up soon or on Boxing Day (or both). It's got a zip running down the back for about 4 inches which is a nice touch. 

I've wanted these two hats for a while so they were not an impulse buy. I saw a girl on the train wearing this Topshop Fur Pom Hat and had to have it! Although I do think £14.00 is a little extravagant for a bobble hat! Lucky I have my student discount. The belt is also something I've been after for ages, its just a simple black and gold waist belt, the perfect width. I'm going to wear it with dresses both day and night and use it to pull in other baggy items.

This Topshop blusher is a powder rather than a cream blush like they used to make. I love the colour its a perfectly bright light pink with blue undertones - great for fair skin and you can build it up as much as you like for a sort of 'dolly' effect! It sits in between Mac Well Dressed and my other Topshop Blusher in Flush - this one being a shade between the two, but brighter! It appears to have been named 'Powdered' unless that's just the description in which case it has no name at all.



  1. ooh lovely! i really feel like making an order on Topshop now! :) x

  2. I love all your winter warmers! I haven't bought from Topshop in a while but they've definitely got some great stock at the moment!

    P.S Have you seen that we've organised a Christmas blogger meet? It'd be lovely to meet you! Details here:

  3. that blush looks gorgeous! the hat is really cute <3

  4. That jumper is so nice and so inexpensive, bargain!

  5. Owhh jealous of your buys, very good. Literally had my eye on the jumper today, perfect Christmas time knit! Will be after the primark fur hat as well!

  6. The jumper is great, you need to do an outfit post come boxing day!

  7. I saw that jumper on the website and really liked it. The bobble hat is lovely too - I have one but it doesn't have a fur bobble so I may have to invest. Great haul :) x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  8. Oh no you've made me want to go to the shops and buy all these items!! Haha! Lovely haul :)xox

  9. Envious! A great buy, girl xo

  10. I love all your new purchases, especially that sweater! Love the zip at the back :)




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