Sunday, 27 November 2011

In a Week...

Exhibitions and Notes / OPI Nail Envy / Triple Chocolate Muffins / Manchester Christmas Markets / Urban Walk / Photography Work

I've not done a 'In a Week...' post in quite some time, but I've actually been so busy over the past few weeks I felt as though I had something to talk about.

On Tuesday I went along to a Photography Workshop hosted by Andrew Brooks, a well known photographer from the Manchester area. It was held at MOSI and the museum kindly let us explore the store rooms for bits and bobs to photograph, and Andrew Brooks gave us an introduction to how he produces his images. The workshop wasn't free, it was pretty pricey but it was insightful and worth it.
Some of these photos were taken at the Dark Matters exhibition at Whitworth Art Gallery, I only got a few snaps before being told about the 'no cameras' rule. Oops.
I purchased OPI's Nail Envy on a friend's recommendation and so far so good. Although I can't really be sure if its making my nails stronger, its giving them a lovely shine.
I made these triple chocolate mini muffins this week and they were all gone in a matter of days. I can't wait to start making mince pies and Christmas cookies.
The Christmas Markets in Manchester are always worth spending a few hours at, mulled wine and German cooking!
And then finally these are just a few images from my current Uni assignment. They were just taken on a walk around the city centre, I'm still a bit stuck for ideas. I'm not much of a landscape photographer but I'm finding myself drawn that way for this City brief.



  1. Love Christmas markets :), lovely photos

  2. I had a German hot dog at the Christmas market last year - so good!

    xxx Kat

  3. Loved this post, lovely photos, especially like all the light bulbs...gorgeous image! Need to try out Nail envy as mine are horrible and so weak so do let us know if you notice that they do actually get stronger!


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